Monday, February 2, 2009

life is funny that way

'The Pink Shack' may not mean much of anything to most people...but if you attended senior high in this city back in the 60's and 70' will know that it was affectionately known by that name. It was back in the day when girls still wore dresses (however short!) and smoking was encouraged by providing a venue (known as the quadrangle) for all who wished to smoke. I may not remember much about Wakely's biology class...or Midzane's English class...or Martinuk's chemistry 12 class...but I do recall having a ball at CSSS. Most of my senior high fun involved my very good friend...Carol. Much of our spare time was spent together...or chatting on the phone. Those were the best of times...and I could not have imagined that after grad our lives would each take a very separate path.

I still remember the day we shopped for these dresses...we never thought they were too short at the time. Thanks to the 'crop' feature...we'll skip the legs today. We had a fun grad...which included a girl's camping weekend (well, we actually stayed in a hotel). Immediately after grad, Carol left town to take a summer job...and never returned. Within weeks she met the love of her life...who happened to hail from Quebec...and soon after they were married and settled on Canada's east coast. We wrote the occasional letter...and made every effort to keep up the friendship...but the distance between was just too great!

Over time, Carol and her husband moved back to B.C....and settled in a community nearly an hour away. We started our families at much the same time...and visited with each other on occasion...and shared family news between visits. Over the past few years we have met several times by accident...and intentionally on other occasions. It's always easy to visit...we just pick up where we left off last time! But Carol still lives an hour's drive from our community.

Imagine my surprise at meeting Carol and Paul in our church foyer on a Sunday morning awhile back! They were visiting their son and daughter-in-law, who recently moved to our community...and were attending our church. With a choice of seventy churches to choose from...landing up at the one we attend was not a given! Yesterday morning I met Carol once again as she arrived for the morning service....for her daughter-in-law's baptism. Her son shared his story as well...and together they made a commitment to join our church family.

So I am thinking that I may just be connecting with Carol a little more often than I have in the past. With kids and grandkids living out here...I'm sure she'll be out this way often.

Carol always loved sports...and was a track and field star back in the day. We learned to play tennis together...and she loved playing softball. So why am I not surprised that she now is a personal trainer...and runs marathons?

She completed the Boston marathon last special is that?

We were friends a very long time ago...our lives have taken us on different journeys...and now it seems those separate paths will be crossing a little more frequently. Life is funny that way...and I like it!

Happy Groundhog Day...there's no shadows to be seen out here!


  1. She is cuter than a button! Very impressive for a woman her age to be running marathons and keeping so fit. Good thing that you've been keeping yourself so fit, too. If she'd been my friend back in the day, I'd be avoiding her like the plague...ROFL!

    Seriously, though, isn't God good? He really, really is.

  2. Wow wonderful to have stayed in touch with your friend over the years..true friends are hard to come by!
    My idea of a marathon is running downstairs a few times a day..hehe

  3. I love the twists and turns of life - you never know who's going to be around the corner. With all the years between high school and meeting in the church foyer, you'll have lots to talk about!

  4. How wonderful for both of you! I'm always amazed at how God brings people together. Your high school days sounded so fun! Blessings, Heather

  5. that is a sweet story...i love it when lives are brought together in such unique she looks great and her accomplishments are truly impressive.

  6. Okay, very sweet story, but Vee's comment is just cracking me up. Too funny Vee. My sentiments exactly

    Enjoy getting reacquainted!

  7. O I love when God connects us. . in ways that we could never accomplish with all our technology on our own. . .I think that is just wonderful. . .enjoy reuniniting.

  8. Well they do say the Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to how apt is that for this post? I'm so glad that you and your friend will see more of each other.

  9. What a neat story and so fun that you can reconnect! I think it's funny how many "Paul and Carols" there are! I know two and have heard of another one and now another...

  10. What a wonderful surprise and a nice chance to re-capture a good friendship! Do you think you'll try running with Carol, Judy?

    I ran with my husband when we were young, but my knees would not allow me to do that anymore. Walking is all about I can handle with ease anymore.

    Loved the old photo! Yes, dresses were pretty short way back then weren't they? :)

  11. Oh, I love the old photo. I saw the the thumbnail and thought for a moment you had stolen one of my old photos....haha! I wore these fashions once, too. Yikes.

  12. Isn't life marvelous? I love this post.

  13. Amazing...what a story. Thanks for sharing that story Judy! I briefly regained contact with my very best friend from high school...just a quick telephone conversation after years of searching...then she slipped away....not to be seen or heard from again.....How I miss her and wonder....I am glad your story had a happy thread to it!

  14. What a story! Isn't it amazing how things like that happen in our lives? You learned so much from each other way back then...think what you will learn from each other now that you are both older and wiser. That was a great story to read in my early morning computer time. Thanks for sharing.

  15. There is no greater gift than reconnecting...You have had the ability to stay connected with many people and I feel honored to be part of your life...
    Hey, why don't we plan to run the half marathon in Van...IN May?
    Maybe she could train us.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson