Monday, February 16, 2009

Did I say tea?

We celebrated Valentine's Day over the weekend...and I hosted a 'tea party' for the grands. For many years it was just Emme, Spencer and Grammy...decorating cookies and cutting hearts out of finger jello...and having a little tea party when all was said and done. But things evolve...and traditions begin...and it's now become so much more!

Emme, Spencer and Ryder arrived first...and couldn't wait to check out the tea party table. I'm not sure Ryder was seeing much of anything...since he insisted on wearing his Valentine's sunglasses. Their mommy decided she might just sit at the kid's table as well...since she still fit into the chairs!

It was all about hearts...

...from the shirts to their finger jello creations.

Princess Ranen excited to see everyone, she could hardly contain herself.

Ryder gave her a little teddy bear that said "I love you"...and so we heard the message over and over!

Auntie Broni brought Baby Maelyn to join her cousins at the table...and while the girls were all looking elsewhere, guess what Ryder was up to?

This sipping out of teacups takes a little practise...but oh, what fun! Grammy's antique tea set is getting more use now...than it did 'back in the day'.

Baby Maelyn took it all in from the sidelines...this year. Someone dug up a 'vintage kitty' for her enjoyment...a kitty that once belonged to her mommy...and was made by great-grandma a very long time ago. Those hand-made gifts just go on giving!

Once the grands were partied out...the big girls had their tea party. Well, let's just say we sipped from authentic tea cups. The tea was made...but in the end, the coffee won out!

One year ago at this time Heidi was craving all sorts of strange and wonderful things...and requested that I make her the rice pudding that we used to enjoy. And so I did...and we had it on Valentine's Day...and she wondered if we could have it again this year...and so we did. (That's how traditions are born.) Can you really drink tea and eat rice pudding at the same time? It seemed that we all needed we saved the tea to go with the cookies.

I'm not really sure what the guys were up to on Valentine's Day...but we girls had a fine time!

Soon it was time for good-bye...and it seems these two knew exactly how that should be done on Valentine's Day.

And in the evening...'my true love' and I spent a quiet evening at home. We enjoyed Chinese food...played a few rounds of cards...and watched a wonderful movie called Bella.

I tried out out all kinds of wonderful recipes in the kitchen this weekend. If you want a truly special cake...check out Lovella's recipe for Cake of Genoa over at the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog. I posted the rice pudding recipe last can find it right here. The sugar cookies have cut-out centres...filled with crushed cinnamon hearts...which melt during baking, and produce somewhat of a stained-glass effect.

It was a weekend filled with wonderful, friends, food and lots of fun. But we don't need a special day to enjoy those things...we are so blessed!

Have a great day...


  1. What a wonderful tradition you have begun! Your tea party was delightful all the way around...took the pictures awhile (Blogger's having major issues today), but I was able to see all but one, and I'll be back to see that one. The grands are adorable and that Ryder just cracks me up!

  2. Wow!! You are so creative, and it appears that you are a real good cook also. What adorable grandchildren you have!! I loved all of the pictures. You can tell the children were thrilled to be a part of the tea party. Thanks for sharing such a happy event.

  3. Oh I'm laughing as I see "your" response to Vee's comment. . .one of you Judy's is going to need to give us a hint of who you really are.
    OH .. but Judy, your tea party just made me smile. I love all your little girls, oh the twins in their delight of what they know their Grammy will do for them and the little princess Ranen who is as adorable as one could imagine, I love the look on her face. . .and then there is Ryder. . .he is just the best boy. . I love him. I love the aunthenticity of his boyness. .
    Oh looks like a wonderful day. . .right down you your private party for your husband in the evening.

  4. Precious traditions - your grands will carry on, adding as they go, someday. I too have a tiny tea set that saw lots of use when Lillypad was tiny - perhaps one day there'll be another little girl to share it.
    Your grown-up Valentines sounds a little like ours - we watched Bridges of Madison County.

  5. Great tea party Judy!
    Sometimes I think 'poor Ryder' among all those girls(grin) but then I think he can 'hold his own' quite well. He is a charmer..

  6. What a wonderful tradition. What grandma's won't do for their grandkids.

  7. My comment seems to have disappeared, so I'll try again. I loved reading this post! You can tell the kids feel so special to be invited to this party! It's so good to see Ryder in there too! It brought back memories of how our Ben was amongst his sisters and cousins. He turned out well rounded and I hope he's a more understanding husband in the end.

  8. You are such a fun grandma! Your little grandkids will have such fond memories of going to Grandma's house!


  9. I want to come to your house for Valentine's Day next year. ;-)

    I met my son and grandson for Valentine's Day breakfast. We had a great time. And, my wonderful husband and I had Chinese for dinner, too.

  10. It so nice to see you develop your own traditions with your wonderful girls and their children....
    This really allows you to flare your passion in making your home loved by your grandkids, something they will never forget.
    Sure is different than how my mother celebrated...

  11. What an adorable party!You make so much fun for your grands. Isn't it great to spend so much time with them? We are blessed. You are making such wonderful memories.

  12. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  13. What a wonderful Valentine tradition you have with your grands, Judy, and how lucky you are that all your grandchildren are so close by and can grow up together. The cookies and finger jello look perfect for the children and the rice pudding recipe will be one I'll be copying down. Thanks!

  14. What a wonderful day and such great photo's. How lovely to have your Grandchildren so close. We are off to see two of ours tomorrow for a week, to help them move house.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson