Thursday, February 19, 2009

what's in a name?

I wasn't named after anyone in particular...but was given a name that was very popular in the 1950's. Judith Ann was my official name...but at home I was known as Judy.

When I started school I realized just how popular that name was...there were three Judith Ann's in my class. The teacher assigned each of us with a different version for the year. One would be called was Judith Ann...and I was known as Judith that year, and for most of my early school years.

My older sister was named Beverley...also quite common in those years. When I was seven years old, we moved to the farm where I now was purchased from a family who also had a Beverley and a Judy. How coincidental is that?

I have met many Judy's through the years...but there haven't been any in my circle of friends for a long time. And so I go by Judith. ( sisters call me Jude for the most part.)

But I have a new friend named Judy...and although she lives far away...she visits me quite regularly on My Front Porch. And it seems some of you are thinking I am leaving myself the nicest of comments...since you have no idea there are more Judy's out there. So...just to clarify things...if I leave a comment anywhere from this day will say Judy ~ My Front Porch.

I should mention that I created my word cloud at a site called Wordle. You can have a lot of fun playing with words over there...and are free to use the graphics as you choose.

And that's it for earth-shattering news from My Front Porch today. Have a wonderful day!


  1. I did that for a while...well, you know, I wrote my own name with my blog title behind it. Then my commenter stopped visiting and I no longer felt the need. I bet you're delighted to have a good reason for doing it this way if you have a Judy who leaves wonderful comments.

    My own name was very popular when I was in school, too. One of my best friends shares my name except that she spells it differently.

  2. Judy .. .I have a very good friend who's name is Judy. . .but I never confuse the two .. as far as I know. . .she reads. . but remains silent.
    I did reread your comments a few times and was a pit perplexed. I love your new handle Judy from the porch. . .well I know I'm paraphrasing here. . but between friends I think I'm allowed. . .
    I love your posts.

  3. Well, I love you posts too - and your header photo!
    There was never anyone with my name in school, and when I was a girl I really felt that my unusual name was a burden, but I grew into it and am now quite happy to carry it along. I'm the fifth or sixth generation in my family to have the name and have passed it on to Lillypad as her second name.
    Your name has a friendly connotation to me - never met an unkind Judy!!

  4. Well isn't that interesting...
    I'm thankful that you clarified....
    I really thought you were in need of some lifting up your self esteem or something like that.
    I like your name. You are the only person I know....

  5. i must admit that i did click on that other judy,because it didn't "sound" like you.
    welcome new judy...
    and now judy with my front porch we will know it is you...;-)

  6. And then again you could just say 'porch Judy'..just kidding I am fine with whatever you call yourself..I do love the name Judy, Judith or Jude.
    I became betty r because of more Betty's commenting and now that handle remains mine.

  7. Hi Judy!

    I like the name Judith Ann!

    I started to use my blog name when I leave comments, because there are a lot of "Pat's" out in blogland and I was tired of signing "Pat in NY"

    I'm a Patrica Pearl. My Mom wanted to name me Pearl because that is how they angelicized her Mom's Ukrainian name which was Paraska.

    My Dad didn't like the name Pearl as he felt it sounded old fashioned, so he said Patricia was close enough, and my maiden name was Irish so it went well.

    Not many little girls being named Patricia anymore either. :-)

  8. You just made me smile. I never thought about the confusion that I was causing. Thank you for clarifying that with your blogging friends. I have always been Judy, and I was so puzzled as to why my daughter did not chose that name for her daughters...after all, what is wrong with my name?? Seriously, it is an ironic situation that you handled perfectly.

  9. I see a hint of Spring in your new header Judy!!! Nice!!!

    Thanks for sharing about your name, how interesting...

    Thanks for your visit today my friend.

  10. Judith Ann ..a very pretty name! but what ever name you go by.. YOU are still YOU!!! and that's the best part!

    and I love your header.. so very 'spring'!

  11. Frist of all, I LOVE the name Judy and always wished I had a friend named Judy. Of course, you know that I write in my head all the time so as a young imaginative girl another friend named Judy seemed to fit into my imaginary plan quite well. And then of course, you came along...and now another Judy?! How wonderful! She seems wonderful too and how lucky are you!

  12. I have one friend named Judie (no 'y'), but there aren't a lot of Judy's my age, which is kinda weird. It IS a nice name.

  13. I love your name. One of my sweet cousins is named Judy. I was Patricia Ann and there were 4 in my class for several years. I was Patti until 9th grade and then I became Trish. I was named after Patti Page. Names are so so personal and carry so much weight to them. Just to read or hear a name brings up so many memories. Neat post.

  14. My best friend in high school was Judith Ann - known as Judy.

    The name looks great on both of you.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson