Tuesday, February 17, 2009

where eagles soar...

Every winter we host one of North America's largest populations of bald eagles right here in the shadow of Mt. Cheam.

For the past few months I have been watching the eagles from the kitchen window on a daily basis.

And as I go for my walk...I have kept my eye on an eagles nest not far from here...high in a tree and somewhat set back from the road.

A pair of white heads is clearly visible nearby...keeping watch, it seems. They don't care to have me come anywhere near with the camera while they are nesting. And so...that is all I have to show you of the eagles nest...

...and the wings of one of the sentries taking flight as I approach! Right on the farmyard, however...

...there is an eagle that keeps track of all the goings on...and has no worries if I pull out the camera to snap a pic or two.

We went for a drive on Sunday...to check out the hoards of eagles that are apparently nesting along the river.

We saw lots of beautiful scenery....

...but decided there is no place like home to watch the eagles!

It's Tuesday...and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with a friend today. We have an occasion to celebrate...and a project to begin.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Judy ..so funny I almost posted my eagle picture today. .they are so magnificent. It is so interesting that they are nesting already, I didn't know that. The one at the top of the fir tree is amazing. . wonderful shots.
    Have a wonderful day with your friend. . .and good luck on that project.

  2. Have great fun today...a friend and a new project sounds wonderful. I'm very curious, but then you know how nosy I am!

    And I envy you your beautiful eagles...I've only seen one in my entire lifetime. But I can pretend once the turkey vultures return. Wait! They can stay away!

  3. Eagles are such magestic birds! Thanks Judy for sharing pictures of your Sunday ride.
    Have fun with your friend today and the project!!

  4. When I was over your way last month I passed a tree that looked like it was decorated with eagles - nearly went off the road!
    I hope you have a grand day with your friend, and I look forward to hearing about the project.

  5. you really do live in a beautiful area.
    have alot of fun with your friend working on your project.

  6. How totally different the scenery is where you live from where I live. I never saw so many eagles in one place. Beautiful scenery in your part of the country. For me, it is like opening a "National Geographic" magazine. Have fun working on your project. When working with a friend...the load is lighter.

  7. Oh my, what an awesome sight. I can't imagine how wonderful this must be.

    I've been missing you. Have you disowned me? ;-) I hope everything is good with you and your family.

  8. Wow, that nest is big! Interesting how the shapes of large nests vary. I've seen a stork's nest and it was large and more shallow. This one is large and deep. Beautiful pictures!

  9. What an honor to sit down with you today and learn a new skill.
    Life is way more fun walking and talking and learning new skills with a Sister.

  10. Wow! I'm in Iowa and we have a few eagles that nest near the river since it freezes up. You have taken some awesome pictures! Just found your blog today. I will be back to visit.

  11. Um...any thrills felt when seeing those Canada geese?

  12. Judy, you do have the most beautiful sites around you. It must be heavenly to see all that grandeur so often. Those mountains are truly majestic. I hope you had tons of fun. I'm like Vee. I wonder what kinds of fun things you guys did today. :)

  13. Eagles are such magnificent birds! I can see why they were chosen to be a national symbol in the US.

    Your views are phenomenal! I'd love to sit on that bench in the last photo and gaze at that mountain for awhile.

  14. You live in God's country it would seem. I can't get over how very beautiful it is. And the eagles??? I can't imagine what you see daily. I have only observed one eagle in flight one time in Glacier National Park. It seems like our national bird likes to hang out in your backyard. Absolutely amazing.

  15. The picture of the mountains is absolutely breathtaking. Interesting about the eagles, you have your own "watch eagles".


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson