Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Kitchen...then and now

Kitchen's may come and go...but the memories last forever! How could one ever forget a kitchen that was green on green?

When we were first married we moved into an old farmhouse...I had a lot of fun painting. The cabinets were white...but I wanted a splash of colour in my kitchen...and what would go better with my avacado green appliances than lime and avacado cabinetry? I actually rather liked my kitchen at the time...and I had a little helper who kept all the cupboards organized for me in those days!

Since that early green kitchen, I have had dark oak cabinetry, mahogany cabinets, cinnamon coloured maple cabinets...

...and now my kitchen is antique cream in colour.

Vee is on a mission to re-model her kitchen...and is looking for suggestions. Here's my theory...colour it any way that suits you...make it look warm and homey...and as long there's good food and good company in the kitchen, it's all good!

Have a great day...


  1. It's neat to look back and see our "style" I had to smile when you were talking about your colours....the first house we bought the cupboards were a light green with a yellow countertop. We went to buy new flooring and what do you know, the "green" came back in style! No, we didn't buy the green flooring but it was funny to us to know our home had been around so long and that yes fashion does repeat itself! Then, when we bought this house, the cupboards were yellow and the countertop was green! The yellow must have stuck because although we changed countertops and painted the cabinets, my walls are a light yellow. Love a yellow kitchen. Wanted to add...your kitchen is just lovely, I love the cabintry. Have a great day! Blessings, Heather

  2. o like the way your cupboards are now, and i bet the cinnamon maple was nice too. i personally am not for too dark of a cabinet,but i agree with yoou along as there is good food and good company, it is what happens in the kitchen with relationships that matter, oh and somebody that likes to clean up after me when i cook is a bonus...;-)

  3. I've painted many kitchens and done my best to personalize many more. When we moved out here I just knew that I had to have a red kitchen - so the walls are pomegranate red and I love it.
    I also had avocado green appliances at one time - and avocado green shag carpeting in the living room. Never again!

  4. I love those windows at your sink Judy! My first new kitchen appliances were harvest gold and the cabinets were a dark brown.
    I love yellow in a kitchen!

  5. Memories and colour certainly do tell our age. One of my kitchens had yellow speckled countertops and pink sink and applicances with light fake wood cabinetry...and you are is the warmth, food and friendship that make the kitchen.

  6. What a pretty kitchen you have, Judy. It's interesting to look back and think about all the cupboards in my kitchens. Some of them were in mobile homes - not the best quality cupboards, but it didn't matter since we shared the love of family and friends there. Now we have lovely oak cupboards, and still what matters is that we share the love of family and friends in our kitchen!


  7. My first kitchen had avocado counters and appliances. Somebody else had decorated it, but I remember how wildly popular those colors were in the 70s. I think your current kitchen is very pretty. I really like the cupboards. I do agree with your theory on kitchens. Some of my favorites are the ones filled with good smells, good food and good company.

  8. Hi Judy

    That is an adorable photo of your daughter looking into the cabinet

    I've lived in the same house the whole 34 years of my marriage, so I haven't had much change. We did a total re-do about 8 years ago, so it could be time for another one but I'd rather take that money and travel somewhere. All I've done is get new appliances as they wear out.

    I like your cream colored cabinets. Youy whole kitchen is my dream kitchen!

  9. Our tastes change over the years dont they? My kitchen is a lovely warm cream, but in the past I ahve, like you, had wood. Never avocado though! Your kitchen is so sattractive, my favourite Shaker type.

  10. Cream shaker, clam shell pulls, subway tiles...the perfect 2009 kitchen!

    I love the look!

    And yah, after looking at 75 houses, I can date stamp a kitchen in nothing flat. The big news is that some twenty-somethings are grooving on that avocado/harvest gold/flowerpower tappan push button range vibe.

    Everything that was old is new again eventually.

  11. Your "little helper is darling!" My little helpers are now 13 & 17. Time flies! I like how you have it now. My cabinets are white, but I have a lot of wood and a custom built wall of pine cabinets on one wall. I would consider changiing my white ones to match those. I have lots of color in my kitchen. One wall is painted "cayenne" and one a yellow gold. The ceilings and floors are wood and those colors bring out the oranges and golds in the wood.

    Growing up in the 70's we had rootbeer colored appliances and lots of harvest gold and green shag carpet. My mom also loved owls and mushrooms.


  12. What a perfect kitchen transformation! I remember the gold from way back then. I bet it was perfect to you then also. Paint sure can do wonders. As for where I live? I live in Pennsylvania and my daughter lives in Texas. We do not often get snowstorms, especially unexpected ones. We are having fun.

  13. Oh Judy, thank you so much for posting this picture. . oh be a sweetie and post the opposite side. I have drawn your kitchen layout for Terry numerous times, and becaue I am not an artist. . he still had no clue. I wouldn't mind seeing a few other rooms too. . like your great room and your eating area. . . you know how it goes. . give an inch and we take a mile.

  14. What strikes me, when I walk in your home is your hospitality.
    I've dropped in several times, face or no face, and I can always feel at home.
    It's not about the color or styles.
    It's about the heart and that's what your home displays.
    You both have a passion for people and it shows the minute we walk in.

  15. Judy, you have a beautiful kitchen. I love the cabinets and the window. It all looks so inviting.

  16. Good food and good company! That is truly what makes a kitchen just right!

    Thanks for your kind wishes on my son's birthday yesterday! How very interesting that you too have a Jeremy who will be 34 this year!

  17. Just wanted to let you know I'm smiling after checking out your blog today.

  18. you know we have the same cream cabinets, the same hardware for Pete's sake, and yes the same black granite counter tops. Have I ever told you, you have great taste :]

    Okay I did go for a different tile on the back splash.

  19. What a fun post, it was fun to see your once old kitchen, and now your latest. It's really nice Judy, I love the creamy colors. It reminds me of my siters kitchen.

  20. My face has not lost its blush since I discovered that you were sending folks over not to my Kitchen Musings II post, but rather to my rant.

    (I'm still not over "the rant" so can't be posting any time soon.)

    I adore your kitchen. It's elegantly lovely.

  21. mom, i am assuming that is me in the picture?

    why did you insist on dressing me like a girl?

    ha ha nice pic!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson