Thursday, February 12, 2009 milk?

As you may know...we live on a dairy farm...therefore we have an endless supply of milk...right?

So one would think. Since the grands came along...I have kept a small supply of pasteurized milk on hand...what with the concerns over raw milk and all. But for cooking and baking...I go straight to the tank...that never runs dry!

Yesterday...when I was already committed to making a banana cream pie...I stated that I was coming to the dairy to get milk. Hubby informed me that the reservoir was empty!

This never used to happen...when they picked up the milk at night. Now they come in the morning...and so I actually have to plan my milk runs. Oh well...there are always stores with milk on the shelves for times like these!

Our most efficient milker...Corina (pictured above)...will be off for the next six weeks or so. She is scheduled for knee surgery tomorrow. We will miss her big-time...and wish her all the best as she recuperates! Meanwhile...someone else will need to be there at 4:30 a.m. to milk the cows...and Elmer says it won't be him.

Have a wonderful day...and may your glass be full and overflowing!


  1. mmm, fresh milk. Never used to like it as a kid, and going to Grandpa & Grandma's I hated having cereal! Now, fresh milk is so nice in some coffee, or with a bit of Nestle Quick...mmm

  2. It won't be him? It won't be you either, I hope!

    Interesting turn of events for you...

    Best wishes to Corina as she recuperates from knee surgery.

    Are you posting your banana cream pie recipe?

  3. All the best to your milker for her surgery. . .I know how much you have appreciated her . . .especially when Jeremy took ill.
    OH. . goodness, I know how it feels to run to the barn for a few eggs . . but it is far less of a conundrum. . for there is always at least one hen that forgot to lay her egg in the morning.

    But it won't be you either .. .right?

  4. Now you have me definitely won't be me! I'm afraid I'd do more harm then good in the milking parlour. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! I think Jeremy is back on the early morning schedule.

  5. Whew! glad it is not you. In our household, if I went to the barn I might never get out (I am one slow egg picker...could that be why we have a machine?) Glad Jeremy is up to it after being so ill.

  6. Interesting..a dairy farm with no milk! grin
    Judy..ignorance IS bliss! Esp on a dairy farm, I remember so well..
    Glad you won't have to 'fill in'.

  7. I did not know you are milk farmers. Looks pretty sophisticated compared to our farmers here...
    Have a great day!

  8. That mmilking sure doesn't look like it used to. Yes. . . . fresh milk is why I didn't like milk as a kid...

  9. Well I must say the pie was yummy, not knowing what kind of milk you used.
    I didn't quite think that you would be in the barn so early...
    Hope all goes well for her and your farm during the surgery. She will be missed.

  10. !!!!!

    My Dad has worked for the company that picks up your milk, for FOREVER.


  11. I had fresh milk when I was in Ireland and it was so odoriferous I couldn't believe it! There is definitely something to be said about pasteurization. :)

    Good lucjk and speedy recovery to Corina!

    I hope whoever ends up doing the milking will like to be awake at 4:30 AM, and I hope it won't be you!?

  12. I remember having fresh milk at Uncle Frank's...YUCK!!
    I will pray that Corina will have a speedy recovery and that God will give the doctors knowledge and wisdom.

  13. I cannot tell how thilled I was when I saw pictures on your blog, of your dairy farm. I grew up visiting my uncle's dairy farm at least once every week. I can still smell that aroma of walking into the room where he milked the cows. I loved my uncle and aunt, and was so happy when I had the opportunity to spend time on their farm. We would get our milk each week from their big silver milk vat(I do not know the proper name for you can tell). That was many years ago, so much has changed, but I loved seeing your pictures, and we all love our milk!!!

  14. yes.. I was wondering with Vee... and chuckled to see you learned how to keep 'ignorance' as your trump card ! Good play!!! smile

    I remember, as a child, we always had one or two cows for our own milk. On week ends my dad would try to sleep in, but he would be the only one sleeping after the sun first peeked out! The cows insistent bellowing would keep the rest of us awake!

    I pray that your best milker Corina's knee surgery goes well, and that her recovery will be quick and complete!

  15. Hi, I have left you something over at my blog just in time for Valentine's Day!

  16. Great pictures and a special glimpse into your life. We sure can get accustomed to what "ought" to be there! A good lesson to take each day as a blessing for the abundance we do have! Thanks!

  17. I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to be you down there in the overalls doing the milking!
    I love the thought of being able to take a pitcher down to the miling room though, when I run out.

  18. Somehow I missed the dairy farm connection before....and do you also have an endless supply of beautiful thick and luscious cream??

    I hope Corina doesn't mind this, but when I read your sentence saying that your best milker Corina would be gone for knee surgery I first thought you were referring to your favorite cow!!

    "Hmmm," I thought, "knee surgery for cows....I never heard of that before. They must really love that cow!"

    I soon realized my error. Tee hee.

  19. Thanks for showing us the dairy in motion. How very fun it sounds to me to run outside to the barn for some milk when you are baking. I love running out to the garden for some herbs while I am cooking, but this takes it to a whole new level.

    Tell Corina I hope her surgery and recovery go well.

  20. Cute story. Oh, you have a beautiful dairy.....believe me, we live in entirely different worlds. I wish the best to your employee.

    I love your header photo!

  21. i rember drinking milk straight from the cow from my greatgrammas farm, well really her son inlaw then, but it was gross......
    why didn't they just get milk from the store, you know, normal milk, cause milk from the cow was not right.....i was little, what did i know. grin.
    wishing you milker a speedy and complete recovery.


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