Wednesday, February 18, 2009

friends forever...

We celebrated each other's birthdays together back in junior high...had sleepovers, talked half the night, and always found something to laugh about.

There's been a whole lot of 'water under the bridge' since those days...but we're celebrating birthdays together again...and we still find a lot to laugh about.

Marg came on a mission yesterday...there was measuring to be done...and fabric to be cut. But first we had so many other important things on our agenda...we needed to go for a walk and catch up on all the goings on in our lives. We reminisced about our walks of long ago...which were more out of necessity than pleasure! Now we could walk forever...the miles just rush by when you walk with a friend.

After the walk...we needed a little refreshment. We had macadamia nut/white chocolate cookies for our snack (made with mac nuts that Marg brought me from Hawaii) ...

...and I sent a giant one home with her as a birthday treat. (I've added the recipe for the cookies below.)

I've been busy sewing up tea towel aprons...and gave Marg one for her collection. I may just do a tutorial one of these days...if anyone is interested in a quick & easy project.

By the time we were done our walking, sipping, chatting, and trying on of aprons...the afternoon was gone...and the project was not yet begun! We reviewed the pattern...laid out 'step one'...and Marg went home with her homework. We know there's always tomorrow...the semester is never over...and we're not being marked!

Relationships between friends are something to be treasured. I look forward to many more walks, hikes, projects...and adventures, Marg.

Enjoy the day...


  1. How nice to spend the day with a good friend. The cookie looks delicious and your aprons are so pretty. Funny how time flys when you are catching up with an old friend.

  2. Judy .. .what a perfect day. You just can't replace those wonderful long term . . .life long relationships. .
    I love your aprons and I'd love a tutorial. . I made one of my full out fabric ones and the rest is still sitting. . .I love shortcuts, especially when they look that good.
    You girls are still teens at heart.. .and I love that about both of you.

  3. It sounds as though you know how fortunate you are to have a friend with whom you share such a lot of history. The smiles say a lot!
    I love the apron and would appreciate a tutorial too!
    (and the recipe for the cookies)

  4. What a fun day you had! And, of course, I am interested in a tea towel apron tutorial...those are adorable!

  5. what a beautiful friendship that you celebrate! i think what a wonderful way to spend the day!
    a would love a tutorial....i may have a nervous break down at the attempt if sewing.......but i love the idea of it!

  6. How blessed you both are to have such a friendship. I would like a tutorial as well. Those aprons are so cute.

  7. Sounds like you have a great time, so nice to reconnect with an old friend. Your aprons are lovely and I'd love a tutorial. Have a beautiful day!

  8. I appreciate that you shared pictures of you and your friend. I love putting faces with friends that I do not know. Sounds like my definition of a perfect day...including white chocolate macadamia cookies. So thankful for the recipe. Beautiful post!

  9. Well, just look at you two lovely ladies giggling like teenagers! It makes my heart feel good to see good friends enjoying each other's company for so many years. I still get together from time to time with a girlfriend I've known since first grade, and even though our lives took different paths, and she lives far away, we still can pick up where we left off when we are together. Friendship is a gift we give ourselves :-)

  10. What fun! Great picture and I bet your walk was wonderful in this great weather we are having. I'd love to have you do the tutorial...though I simply cannot sew! But those aprons are 'cute' enough for anyone to want to give it a try!

  11. So good to see you cherish this long time friendship! Although sewing is not my love, I admire people who can whip up something cute, like your aprons! Looks like you made the most of the day! Oh, and I love those cookies too!

  12. Oh Jusy..I loved reading about your fun time together! Those aprons are beautiful..but that wasn't the project??
    If that apron is easy to make..then by all means please teach me!
    'friends forever' special is that!

  13. Sorry Judy..I do know your real (those typos)

  14. Oh by the way I finished cutting my squares...Now what?
    At this rate, I'll have it finished in no time...
    But I think I have basketball this weekend.
    I think I will wait for another tutorial.
    Now, I think I need to sew....?
    It was so much fun.

  15. What a special time and such a neat thing to be able to see your friend from so long ago. I'll bet you had the most fun. I would love to know how to make the aprons. I could make them with Avery. Sounds fun.

  16. What a great day you guys had. You are so right, "Friends Forever". I have a few of those too...nothing keeps us apart not even distance!

    Enjoyed the pics, your matching aprons are so pretty!!!

  17. I live far from my good friend. We are friends since grade K. We email a few times a week and talk on the phone. When we do get together in person it is like we were like sisters. I look forward to meeting up with her every few years. I have to say that I am so in LOVE with those Aprons. I can't sew a thing. When I was in Jr. High we had to take home economics which included sewing and I had my Mom do the project so that I could pass. I love to bake and cook but I am allergic to sewing:) What a nice gift for your good are both lucky to have each other. You are blessed!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson