Friday, February 27, 2009

a taste of texas!

Rio Star grapefruit...straight from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas...has to be one of the sweetest citrus fruits around. And when it's winter out here...there's nothing better than a little tropical sunshine from the form of sweet, juicy red grapefruit.

I paid a visit to my travel agent yesterday...and picked up the required paperwork for an upcoming trip to Texas. Such fun...and lots to look forward to in the 'not too distant future'. On the way home, I stopped by the grocery store...and picked up a few more Rio Star grapefruit. They are just the best...and bring back memories of picking them up by the sackful right at the orchard...the last time I visited my sister in McAllen, Texas.

Spanish missionaries brought the first grapefruit to south Texas in 1893...and the first commercial shipment of red grapefruit left the Lower Rio Grande Valley 1920. Since 1993, the red grapefruit has been the official fruit of Texas...rather appropriate!

For breakfast, we eat them with a spoon...right out of the sugar required! To use them in salads...peel them as you would an orange...and then remove the flesh from inside the membranes. They may break into pieces...but that's fine for salad.

Here's a wonderful combination...

...mixed salad greens, avocado slices, grapefruit segments and chopped red onion.

Toss with a citrussy vinaigrette dressing...and enjoy some tropical goodness...

...even when it looks anything but tropical outside your window!

There's no need to pucker up over grapefruit...try a Texas Rio Star in all it's sweet goodness...and you'll be glad you did.

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. It's a beautiful thing! I must try it as you've suggested in a salad. We truly enjoy grapefruit, even the tart variety, which we sweeten with maple syrup the good old New England way.

    Oh, so you're off to Texas soon. That sounds like grand good fun!

  2. The salad looks yummy! Texas sounds amazing..especially with days and days of upcoming rain, or so they say. Have a super time.

  3. Those ruby grapefruits are the best! The color alone would be enough to make for some songs to be sung in their honor, and actually I'd love to paint a room that exact color.

    Thank you for providing the little history lesson. I do enjoy such information so much.

    The stars ( and grapefruit) shine bright...(clap clap clap clap...) DEEP in the heart of Texas!

  4. Great minds think alike..
    Fresh grapefruits and salads have been on our menu this week.
    They are so delicious.
    Our love your blog. What a wonderful day grabbing pictures...That's all I did yesterday.
    Texas is just around the corner eh?

  5. That looks so good!
    I haven't been to Texas for over 20 years but have fond memories of playing on the beach at Corpus Christi with our (then) wee son, and meandering along the river in San Antonio.
    I hope you have a great time on your visit!

  6. I would like trying one of your Texas grapefruits because of their sweetness. The ones we serve here are so tart. The picture looks real enough to reach out and take it. I also really like your snow pictures...what a attractive collage. Spring is coming!!

  7. Oh this post has my mouth watering. Isn't the power of suggestion amazing? I'll have to run out in the winter weather to find myself a speck of warmth too.
    A trip to Texas. . .what fun. There is something wonderful about looking forward to vacations. . rest and revitalization and love of family to boot.

  8. I will have to remember the name of that particular grapefruit. I am currently trying to finish off a bag I bought of very tart grapefruits. I much prefer the sweeter ones.

  9. Oh my Judy that grapefruit looks amazing..wonder if our grocery store has those in stock?? A trip to Texas..that sounds fun. Already looking forward to the pics that I hope you will share.

  10. O man, I love grapefruits. And your photo made my mouth water. We use to eat them right out of the rhine too, sometimes with sugar though (if they were tart)! Never thought about putting them in a salad, good idea!

    Hey you should look up Pappy while your in Texas. I know Texas is a very large state, it was a thought!

  11. Oh yum! I love pink grapefruit!

    I visited Texas once a few years ago with my high school girl friends on a ":girls outing" We visited San Antonio. What a nice city to visit, especially the Riverwalk area. We also saw a wonderful Mexicali Folk dance while there at an outdoor theater.

    I hope you have achance to visit that city.

  12. I think I've eaten 6 or more Ruby Red grapefruit in the past week. I posted on grapefruit earlier this week! How funny.
    I like my chilled w/sea salt sprinkled on top.

  13. Oh I do hope you have a good visit with your sister. My sis and I are way over due!

  14. I'm going to see if I can find that kind. The kind I buy definitely needs sweetened up...or maybe it's just me ~smiles~ I never thought to use grapefruit in salads, another great tip. How fun planning a trip, I know you'll have a great time and bring us back lots of pictures. Heather

  15. Our favs too. No sugar needed.On sale this week at Superstore. Kathy


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