Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I liked the house. I always have!

Made of stone...with stained glass windows. It had character.

At one time it was surrounded by shrubs...and trees...quite properly clothed.

But it seems some who lived there in the recent past never treated it too gently.

I was rather saddened one day when I drove by and saw the smoke arising.

This is all that remains today.

And the trees where the eagles rested...and I often stopped to take photos...have disappeared as well.

I'm left with the memories...and a few photos.

Nothing remains the same...especially not this neighbourhood.

And for the record...the blue skies you see in the photos above...are also just a memory. It seems spring is teasing us this year.


  1. Oh my I've never seen so many eagles in one spot. Amazing. Things do change...
    We got some pretty wild gusts of wind yesterday. Hoping for some break in the weather for Friday and Saturday :0)

  2. It really is sad to see the old buildings go or fall into disrepair. My entire town looks depressed...no one has the motivation in this economy to do much.

    And the tree is gone, too? Sounds as if the land is being prepared for growing crops.

    Spring is a tease here as well. A foot of heavy, wet snow expected in the mountains and cold and dreary down here in the valley. It'll change and then I'll be wishing for cooler temps. I'm not a heat kinda gal.

  3. It's sad to see a local landmark go. I hope this doesn't mean that farmland will be lost to a subdivision.
    Grey and damp over here this morning.

  4. How very sad. I hate to see buildings destroyed.

  5. I still can't get over that beautiful old barn is gone .. just so make a smooth pasture to sell. I also have a gorgeous photo for my memories.

    That old house was really great...and are you not glad you got before and after pictures?

  6. That is sad to see the loss of that home.
    I can't say I have ever seen so many eagle eyes looking down on me. Kathy

  7. Love the eagles! It makes me sad too when old houses and barns are destroyed..so much character gone.

  8. That is a bit sad. Sometimes change is not always welcomed.

    Our spring is being very moody at the moment too.

  9. I remember that house. I loved it too. It had so much character.
    It's too cold to garden...Maybe this weekend?

  10. It's always sad to see landmarks like that disappear.

    We're having rain this week too - but the temperatures are good. We can get snow in April so I'm pretty happy to look outside and see the daffodils!

  11. We are to have very high winds today, then snow! I've been eyeing a few dead trees around town and hope that if they go down no one will be hurt.

    Wonder if anyone was able to salvage some things from that old house before it was burned.

  12. That looks like a charming house. It's always sad to see them decline and disappear. It's even sadder when the land gets used for something like a strip mall.
    Glad you at least have some pictures to remember it by.

  13. How sad Judy! Did someone buy the property for another use? I hope it's not to build another mini mall of big box stores.

    it is so true that nothing remains the same ... looking back so much has changed in our lifetimes alone!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson