Friday, April 30, 2010

cameras, concerts and chocolate cake...

My camera can do many only to the expertise of the photographer. And that is quite my case.

But...if you would like a photograph highlighting the colour purple...I can do that. If there is another accent colour you would prefer...I would have to bring my binder (that would be the camera manual I printed off from the on-line version)...and do a little step-by-step adjusting. I may be slow...but eventually I will figure out a few of the camera's features.

Last night we had the privilege of attending a spring our neighbourhood elementary school. That would be the very same school where I took part in the spring concert as a student...some five decades ago. I played a recorder way back then...and knew only one song I recall.

Well...some things have changed over the years. There were no recorders around last night...but several hundred enthusiastic students sang, danced and acted out the message that we can each do our part to make the world a better place. They did a fabulous job! And when the show was over...we had a quick stop at our place for a well deserved treat for Emme & Spencer. They had their just dessert.
Have a great weekend...


  1. Sounds like a fun time!! Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.


  2. Little by little...I hear you. I'm still wondering if I'll ever figure out the light and all those settings.
    How fun that your grands are at the same school you attended :0)

  3. I was embarrassed yesterday at the Royal BC Museum when I couldn't figure hour how to turn off my flash - back to the manual! That concert looks wonderful - and so does the cake.

  4. Changing setting on my camera: I'm always afraid I won't remember how to change them back! (I use Picassa color change myself...)

    May schools always have programs so parents and grand parents can admire their kin in on-stage glory!

  5. I just love the purple/black&white contrast! Way to go! Pat

  6. Cameras can enhance...or make us so frustrated.
    Sounds like it's that time of year again with year end programs....I love the snack.

  7. Oh Judy camera setting on the color purple. I'll have to look to see if mine can do that too. It is so easy to keep doing the same old thing. .thanks for the idea.
    Oh the concert looks like so much concerts have changed over the years.

  8. I just bought a book form called "Nikon D60 for Dummies" so I could learn how to use my camera off automatic Judy. I hoping it will use plain language and have lots of pictures to follow.

    The girls school show sounds like it was a lot of fun and chocolate cake is the best treat!

  9. I have the joy of school programs to look forward to, as my little ones get older. You must have felt so proud of them, and a treat after it was over...what fun!

    I am impressed with the things your camera can do, especially the color with the black and white.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love the purple contrast to the B/W. We got a new camera for Christmas. I point and click, but it will do much more. I keep saying I'm going to read the book that came with it so I can do more. You have inspired me!

  11. hmmm.. just desserts look wonderful !!
    As do your purple pansies in collage!
    There's nothing like supporting grandkids, is there? But at the same school you attended ? How special is that !
    enjoy your week-end !

  12. What fun to watch your grands take part in a concert and then have a yummy treat ready for them. Wonderful memories to keep.

  13. Hi Judy, I was at the concert too. I thought it was fantastic - a great theme, and so well done, on the parts of the children, and the teachers. I knew a lot of the performers, - quite a few come to the girls' club at our church, and also a few are relatives. I looked for you but there were so many people...Dairymary


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