Tuesday, April 20, 2010

black licorice, creme brulée and orange floats...

It was a gardening kind of day yesterday...

...and my little assistant was quite willing to join me on a trip to the garden shop.

He knows there's a whole other world out there...back beyond the plants. Elvis and Emma (the resident emus) were waiting for visitors.

And then there was the suspension bridge that needed to be crossed...against my better judgment!

After trudging the entire length of railroad track...we were able to select the plants that I came for. Heucherra...with interesting names like black licorice and creme brulée...

...have now found a resting place in my flower beds. And after all the hard work was done...

...we got our just reward. There's nothing like an orange float on a hot April day!


  1. I haven't had an orange float in such a long time..I shall have one soon!
    What a fun time at the gardening centre..I must borrow a wee one to go with me when I go get my plants:)

  2. What a great little adventurer! I don't know if I've ever had an orange float! :0)
    You had me going with the title of the post. My palette was wincing a bit...glad the combination wasn't all food.

  3. If life isn't sweet for your grands! This post took a turn from where I thought it was going. You were going to get a question about the the second item in the line-up. Isn't that a great way to avoid the é?

  4. It was a hot one yesterday! I saw 24 and 26 degrees on my dashboard in late afternoon.
    That orange float looks refreshing! When I was a girl my mother used to make us a root beer float at least once a summer, and it was a huge treat.

  5. My Heucherra's lasted through the winter...That's funny, we were talking about floats yesterday...I have not had one in years.
    It was the most perfect day for gardening. I loved it.
    And the rhubarb pie was a hit.

  6. Boy I wish I had a helper like yours. And another one, around 20 years old with big muscles and a strong back to dig all the garden center purchases into place.

    I've added a few more Heucherra plants to my garden; and waiting for the hosta to do their part to fill in the rest. Aren't all the names fantastic?

  7. That's the only Black Licorice I've ever liked. I hope I will be a grandma like you, thinking to ask the grandkids to go on errands with me. You made a special day out of an ordinary event.

  8. Who knew a trip to the gardening center could be such an adventure? What a cute little helper you have. The orange float looks so refreshing.

  9. I know the tracks you and your little helper walked...I've walked the length with my grands too. stopping to say hi to Elvis and Emma and the bunnies. We have never crossed the bridge...I may not suggest it. Those plants will be so pretty...and I love floats! A perfect day. Kathy (MGCC)

  10. I like the names of the pretty Heucheras..very descriptive!
    Children always bring wonderful imagination to the simplest chores, and Ryder is such a good helper

  11. Wow look at those curls. Very angelic !

  12. It just made me think of my mom .. her default dessert on a hot summer day was an orange crush float.
    Your little assitant is such a good looking lad. He always makes me smile.
    Your gardening is making me really itchy for my own garden. I hope next week's weather will agree with my hopes.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson