Sunday, April 11, 2010

more than bread...

Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.
Deuteronomy 8:3

What are we feeding ourselves? Are we just looking after our physical hunger...or are we feeding on God's Word? That is what gives us direction in our life and helps us face the challenges we meet. God still speaks today...He speaks through His word. Are we listening?

After a few years of including a weekly devotional post on My Front Porch...I have decided to discontinue my Sunday posts. As I am also part of the MGCC team...where a devotional called "Bread for the Journey" appears each and every Sunday...I will be linking to these posts instead...just a click away on my sidebar. Be sure to check them out...there's always something refreshing and thought-provoking over there on Sunday.


  1. Thanks Judy,I will check out the link. Your header photo is beautiful, did you take it? Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I will make sure to look at MGCC more often to see your devotional posts, Judy, as I have enjoyed them. I do know how busy the weekends can be, however, as I often do not get online until Sunday evening, especially when the weather is as nice as it has been lately.

  3. And just as I was thinking how much I've enjoyed your Sunday posts as a perfect start to a day of worship (even though I'm a day late reading it this week). But thanks for letting us all know we can find the same on MGCC.


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