Friday, April 23, 2010

he scared me away...

So who would be scared away by a Jack Russell terrier? Though I am not one is afraid of dogs...I happen to think dogs have their place...and a hair salon is not one of them!

Here's a bit of my hair-cutting history. Over the past two decades...I have visited three different hairstylists. First there was the guy...who was well-known in our community...and happened to have a shop in our neighbourhood for awhile. It was convenient...and he gave the best none. But to appointment is meant to be kept from both ends...and after being stood up twice, I decided to find a new hair stylist. (Who hangs a note on the door saying it is too hot to cut hair...please reschedule your appointment?)

Enter my next hair stylist. She was bubbly...and pleasant...and worked out of a shop in her home. The haircuts were fine...but I like to relax when I'm having my haircut....and she never quit talking...even for a moment. And so I thought I'd try someone new.

So for the past few years...I have been seeing a gal who runs her own shop...and has other employees working for her. I liked her haircuts...she let me fall asleep while she did my hair...and all was good. Until...the Jack Russell arrived on the scene. She had a new dog...and decided he would make a great workplace pet. He had his basket at the door...and stayed there during my first visit after his arrival. I thought I might just be able to ignore him. My next visit was one I will never forget! No sooner was I settled in my chair...then he came over to see if possibly he could sit on my lap. When that never worked out...he ran around at my feet...making all kinds of noises. It turned out the dog was sick...and said hairstylist needed to take a break to clean up the mess. Needless to was not a spa-like atmosphere. I thought I would give Russell one more chance....and if he never behaved on my next would be my last.

Oh...oh...there he was at the door as I arrived. I think he quite likes me...since he tried for my lap again as soon as I was settled in my chair. And...though I had no issues with the haircut...I knew it would be my last visit to this particular place.

It's time for a haircut again. Where should I go? The guy with the best haircuts is still cutting...and the girl who loves to chatter is still in business...and then there are some one-hundred beauty salons listed in the yellow pages. But I have decided to choose none of the above...and am going with a blogging connection...just for fun. I checked out the profile of a new commenter on my blog...and discovered she has a salon in town. I'm off to meet Cindy today...and get my hair cut...all at the same time. How fun is that?

Oh...and if she has a Jack Russell terrier...I will only visit once!


  1. Yikes! - Judy that would be my last appointment too!
    I've been seeing the same stylist for 13 years. She owns the salon. Every so often I vow to find someone else, but then she gives me a great cut and I think that I can ignore the things that bother me - the walking away to answer the phone, the stories of sore back, elbows and feet etc.
    Will you get a new style? Waiting to see..............

  2. I'm with you. . .no pets on my lap while I'm paying for haircuts.
    I've had really great hairstylists . .until they get pregnant .. or . . move ..
    I hope it works out for you with Cindy . .we do get to see the cut right?

  3. Oh no, no dogs in the salon for me. You are right to leave, and maybe she should know why, as there may be other clients that she is losing.
    Hope you find a good new person, without a dog!

  4. pets for me either on my lap while I get my haircut. It's MY pamper time:)
    I had the same hairdresser for 10 plus years and now I'm looking for another good one.

  5. Oh have had quite the haircut experiences!! What is it about pet owners who think everyone will love their pets?? I hope your experience today is dog and cat free!!

  6. Oh my, I'd be finding a different hair salon, too. No dogs in salons for me.
    I had a really great hairdresser in Victoria until she moved away about 2 years ago and I've been drifting ever since.
    Moving means finding another stylist and I didn't know where to start so I asked my realtor since she has great hair.
    This morning I have an appointment for a cut. We'll see.
    Hope you find a great stylist with NO dog!

  7. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say and so I do not blame you for looking for the very best experience for your dollar! Hope that you'll blog about it. Oh, excellent way to put Cindy in the hot seat. Ha!

    I'm having a giveaway and I'm hoping that you and your blogging buddies will toss your name into the cap!

  8. Good Morning Judy!

    I had to laugh at your blog post this morning. There will be no dogs involved in your hair appointment today. In fact, I am not a dog person at all. :)

    I'm looking forward to meeting you!


  9. You and my daughter would have a lot to talk about. She has a real fear of dogs and just HATES days when "therapy" dogs roam hospital corridors unannounced. Sheesh, I'm OK with dogs but if I am sick enough to be in a hospital I'm too sick to start making friends with a dog!

  10. I'd do the same . .. I can't believe that she would have a dog in the salon! All the best at the new place!!!

  11. My friend that I blogged about today has two Jack Russells that she walks in the can see them in the photo. They are very hyper but smart dogs, and they do like to sit in laps just like a cat does.

    Getting a haircut is not the time or place for that, however, so I can understand you need to find a new hair cutter, and it's nice it is a fellow blogger!

  12. Funny scenarios Judy. I laughed about each one of your situations. I know how guilty I feel when I change hairdressers. If you don't have any luck, I have a great gal here in Saskatoon. You could just pop in every 6 weeks or so. Hope you got a great haircut!

  13. Seriously my friend, you are a gifted writer. You need to know that. This is so interesting and so well written, that I found myself smiling the entire way through. Who but you, could make switching hair stylists something I read, finding myself hanging on every word. What a great story!

    Hope this is the beginning of finding gold at the end of the rainbow, and that you walk out of her shop hoping someone you know, sees how good you look. Isn't that the key to a good stylist situation?

  14. Judy, I'm with you ... except that at the dog's first jump attempt onto my lap I may have jumped up and left with half a haircut.
    Dogs belong outside... sorry...but that's my opinion and I'm sticking with it ! smile..
    I hope you had a lovely hair-day today and a new friend as a bonus!!

  15. Long live the Jack Russell Terror!

  16. OMG!! I swear, Jack Russell terriers have ADHD. They are totally hyper and have no business being in a place of business of any kind. Hope you find a good hair stylist with no dog or any animal for that matter.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson