Friday, April 9, 2010

our lady in waiting....

Keeping an 18-month-old waiting for a photo shoot appointment for an hour and a half can be quite challenging!

Magdelyn (notice...I called her by her REAL name for a change) had a 10 o'clock appointment at the portrait studio at the mall...and Heidi wondered if I wanted to come along...just for fun. Of course I did...and what fun we had waiting for the actual picture shoot. Even professionals have problems with their cameras on occasion...and so we waited while the photographer tried to get things in working order. After half an hour...we left our cell number and went for coffee.

While we coffee'ed...she picked out a bike.

That's the 'please, mommy?' look.

OK...then how about a green tractor?

Oh...I love red washers and dryers.

Well...mostly I love pushing buttons.

Though nothing seems to matter how many I push.


This one was obviously plugged in...and the drum began to spin. And Grammy didn't have a clue how to turn it off...but soon the appliance guy came to the rescue.

Every appliance had been checked out...every treadmill walked on...every tractor sat on...and finally there was nothing left to do...but lie down on the floor and wait.

Though she wasn't overly enthusiastic about having her photo taken after such a long wait...she co-operated for a few shots. When all was said and was well over two hours. That's a long photo-shoot whatever your age...but for a toddler...that's a marathon!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Good thing there were lots of big toys to keep her occupied during that long wait. Her little outfit is darling and I'm sure the photos will be adorable.

    Your header picture is gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh she is so cute. What fun that you were able to document the time of waiting. How quickly children grow up.

    Your local spring flower field is really gorgeous .. There is nothing like the mountains.

  3. What a little cutie! So glad you went along to document the "waiting"

  4. Well, I think that Grammy is the best official photographer for the family - you've caught so much expression in your photos. I can't help but think that you've captured the real little girl better than any pro could have.

  5. Such a little sweetheart..and it looks like she did very well in the waiting process. And the photos of the waiting time are indeed precious! Way to go Grammie.

  6. Ha! She knows exactly how to turn that dryer on -- we have that model at home. She could find buttons all day long. She figured out how to take her glow worm inards out this morning to find the music "on switch." We'd turned it onto the just 'glow' setting, but she knew that wasn't right...

    What a turkey.

  7. After enjoying all your photos of the tulip fields in Skagit Valley, I have been wondering about your photo header. Those are your mountains, I believe. So you must have your own tulips close to home? Or are you trying to confuse me =)?

    The pictures you took of M. show far more of her personality than a "still" portrait will do. I hope you put them together with the portrait package in a collage frame or something. Her eyes are sensational. What an imp.

  8. But when it's your own little grandchild...who cares about the photo shoot. You probably got the best pictures in action..
    Enjoy them. There's nothing like spending time with those little ones.

  9. Like Marg said.. you probably got the best shots. I can't believe how she has grown. Not a baby any more! Very cute!

  10. Yes, that's asking a lot for a little gal. She's adorable!

  11. Hollace...You are right about the header photo. It is from our local tulip fields on Seabird Island. It was one I took last year...but the fields are opening to the public this I plan to visit again. Can we ever get too many tulips?

  12. What a fun morning. She is absolutely adorable.

  13. Just think of all this precious little one learned as she tried to pass the time. How could the pictures not turned out, with her looking so adorable? I bet it scared her with the machine started up. So cute!

  14. Magdelyn is getting so big and was really quite good waiting so long for a photo session. Her outfit is pretty! It reminds me of how I used to dress my daughter at that age.

    I love your header photo, Judy! It should be in a travel brochure.

  15. Am eagerly awaiting her product reviews...she seemed to know what she was doing as she sized them all up.

  16. Catching up with your the new look btw. Adorable photos, looks like all is well in your neck of the woods!!!


  17. aww...your post was my heart smile for the day!
    What a cutie she is! and I love the memories that will lurk behind the professional photos !

    PS. your header photo is stunning


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