Tuesday, April 6, 2010

stepping stones and trees...

With not a tree on the premises five years ago...we have done some planting these past few years. After the initial landscaping was done...we decided that with the arrival of each new grandchild...we would plant another tree. And so we now have seven trees in honour of the grands.

Emme and Spencer have twin cedars...with Ryder's Douglas fir planted between them. Ranen has a deodar cedar. For Hannah and Magdelyn we planted magnolias. Micah still needed a tree to call his own...and so we did a little research. There is a verse in Micah 4:4 that says... 'Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid, for the LORD Almighty has spoken.' We decided Micah should have a fig tree...and now he does!

And lest we forget who belongs to which tree...we have stepping stones strategically placed. It had been two years since we made stepping stones...and so it was time to play catch-up. We now have three new stepping stones in the garden...

...which were put in place just before Easter. (If you should ever have an inclination to make your own concrete garden art...check for instructions here.) The new stepping stones joined the ones that are already well weathered...

...and have been part of the landscape for a number of years.

Since we had mixed a little more concrete than we needed...

...Chief...our beloved farm dog for many years...now has a stepping stone to mark his final place of rest.

I'm off on a field trip today...literally...umbrella in hand. More tomorrow...


  1. The creativity and much thought out actions that take place in your family, certainly do impress me. What a great idea...planting a tree for each little one! That is brilliant in my book. And then to do the concrete stepping stones for each one adds sentimentality and loving thoughts to each tree. Really, this is a great idea! One I wish we would have thought of. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hope your day is a fun one!

  2. Now that is wonderful! It must make the grands feel so very special and it lets them know in a unique way. Have fun on your field trip and don't mind that rain.

  3. What a beautiful tradition, Judy. As the grandchildren grow, so do their trees. My parents did something similar, and because we moved around so much there are trees all over the country with 'our' names on them. Last year when I was in Kingston I went past our old house and saw the beautiful Maple that we children planted as housewarming for Mum and Dad in 1966 - it was a giant!

  4. Oh what a wonderful tradition and legacy. Love it!!

  5. I absloutely love this idea Judy . .I have one stepping stone that was a gift last mothers day .. .I think I'll put a bug in the ear for a few more. .

  6. What a great tradition. I'm envious of someone who has lived for so long in one place, but reading Pondside's comment makes me realize that others can enjoy the trees planted as well.

    The stepping stones are another great idea. I can just imagine strolling around the yard on a sunny day finding all the treasures there.

  7. I love your idea of both the trees, and the stepping stones. You guys are SO inovative! Dairymary

  8. Love the idea, the tree selection and the stepping stones. Oh, how about putting a time capsule under each stepping stone to be opened on a special adult birthday later on in their lives?

    My grandfather planted a rose bush for each of us...I think a tree is even better!

  9. This is a lovely idea, Judy! I don't have a place to plant a tree on my small property or I would do the same for my grandson.

    I like the stepping stone! Now that is soemthing I can do and I don't need much room to display it.


  10. Judy you are so cleaver and such a great grandma. I did plant an Eden rose for our first grand, and now I am perplexed as to what to plant for baby Avey. Maybe there is a tree named Avey. Love the commemorative stepping stone idea too!


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