Monday, April 5, 2010

bunnies, baskets and such...

Easter morning dawned as it should...with the sun streaming in the windows! It didn't exactly feel like spring out there...but sunshine was a good start.

Two girls came over bright and early to have a little help with their Easter hair. Emme has had me do her hair this way several times over the years...Spencer watches from a distance. This time it was different...Spencer agreed that she too would have special hair for Easter.

Aren't they just the sweetest? I told them so...and Ryder informed me that he was handsome. He's got that right! They were all on their way to church...and what a wonderful Easter morning service it was. A baptism on Easter Sunday seemed most appropriate. We serve a living Saviour!

Despite the gloom and doom forecast of rain...

...the showers held off and we were able to have our Easter egg hunt outside this year.

This was Maelyn's first Easter hunt...and she seemed to know exactly what it was all about!

Though we adults needed jackets...some thought shoes were unnecessary!

Once back inside...they took stock. Maelyn was far too busy to glance up.

Emme and Spencer found a quiet corner to organize their findings. I'm wondering if there will be a 'candy shoppe' opening next door one of these seems that is what has happened after Easter the past few years. Too funny!

Micah was not much interested in eggs and such...but quite likes being where the action is these days. He's five months already...and a very big boy!

And Easter is never complete without the traditional Easter dinner. We used to go to Grandma's at Easter for a meal of potato salad, cold ham, farmer sausage and cutletten/kotletten (fried meatballs), assorted salads, pluma moos (cold plum soup) and paska (Easter bread). Nothing's really changed...they still go to Grandma's for the same meal. I am the grandma!

It was a good time...being together with family...observing old traditions...and making new memories. It's Easter Monday...and the day is wide far!

Have a good one...


  1. Ahhh, I like your idea of dinner, too. Loved seeing all the grands and that is a very special do for the girls. Is it a Mennonite style? Very pretty. Yup, watch out, Grandma, you'll be buying candy back any day now. The only way to nip this in the bud may be to give it back out again next year. :D

  2. Judy ..I just enjoyed my visit here with you for your EAster with your family. What a darling bunch of grands you have.
    I love the twins hair. .oh how sweet and I just love that they want you to do it. .very special.
    The egg hunt and the fantastic buffet dinner. .yours is the place to be me thinks.

  3. What a great day! The girls' hair is very pretty - just how I used to do my Lillypad's hair when she was small.
    Your dinner looked delicious. Isn't it great to be the grandma, when you can put out a spread like that and then watch everyone enjoy themselves around the table?
    Enjoy your 'wide open' day!

  4. So it sounds like we should agree to walk in the rain.
    I loved your post...The girls hair is beautiful and how they let their grandma fix it for them.
    Do you know my Grandma fixed my hair every morning? I first chased the cows down the road to her place...and while eating oatmeal porridge..Grandma was fixing my hair.

  5. Oh Judy - you had me smiling and laughing to myself throughout this post. So fun! You are so lucky to have the chance to do fancy hair arrangements at th drop of a hat...your Easter baskets look familiar ... had to smile about the candy shop... remembering that one...and your buffet looks beautiful! I think I will keep that menu in mind for next time ... it does remind me of gatherings gone by.

  6. A sweet post from beginning to end. How special that the girls come to grandma's to have their hair done for Easter. I do believe Ryder is right about being handsome and Maelyn has the cutest spring coat. Adorable. I enjoyed this glimpse of one family's Easter celebration in beautiful British Columbia.

  7. Looks like a great spread of eggs to find and food to eat! Glad you all had a good time!

  8. It looks like the perfect Easter day, Judy!

    Micah is getting so big, and what a handsome boy he is. The girls hair looked so pretty and Ryder looked so handsome all dressed up. I can't believe how well Maelyn did with her first egg hunt!

    We watched an egg hunt at my brother's house that he had for his 9 grandchildren, and we all had a nice dinner prepared by many helping hands.

    Your dinner looked delicious!
    I know where to find the recipes

  9. Thanks for sharing some of your Easter fun.
    Nice job on the hair Gramma Judy!
    Your new header is beautiful..I love it!

  10. Here I am on the other side of the country from you, and yet I am having the privilege of stepping into your family's special Easter celebration, shared ever so beautifully by you. I do appreciate the way you write and the pictures you take. The one of the sun streaming in through the window is the perfect Easter picture. Every picture and every description of it, was so interesting to me. I love seeing how you did the girl's hair and the smiles on all their sweet little faces. And, best of all, the statement made about the food being just like grandma served only now you are the grandma. How did that all happen so quickly??? I really enjoyed this visit!

  11. What a sweet, sweet post --- beautiful children --- and a happy Easter!



'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson