Wednesday, April 21, 2010

celebrating a wonderful woman...

There seems to be a blog theme happening on Wednesdays...and so I thought I would join in the chorus this week...and share a secret or two about a wonderful woman that I know.

Her name is Hilda...and she happens to be my sister's mom-in-law...and lives in faraway Winnipeg. I met her for the first time more than three decades ago...and once or twice a year since that time.

For most of her married life, Hilda and her husband lived in this pretty bungalow on the banks of the river. I had the privilege of visiting her here several times...and will always remember her beautifully set table...and tea parties extraordinaire! She is a most sentimental person...and has family heirlooms...and keepsakes galore. And her stories...had us all laughing and crying with her.

My most memorable visit is the one in 1992...when we four sisters flew out to Winnipeg for a cousin's wedding...and stayed for night at Hilda's B & B. Her hospitality went far beyond anything that could be expected...even including sleepwear for the guests. That's right...I slept in Hilda's nightgown that first night...since the airlines somehow left my luggage in Saskatchewan...or somewhere else enroute. She likes to call us sisters 'her girls'...and we don't mind one bit...but I think I'm the only one of 'her girls' that has ever slept in her nightgown.

Over the years we have had many fun times B.C. and in Manitoba. I also have a collection of little gifts from Hilda...coasters, candy dishes, candles...

...and some 'not so little', like a set of hand-embroidered pillowslips that she gave me for Christmas several years ago. She is a kind and generous woman...funny...emotional...and one who loves her family above all else.

She was out here over the past her grandson was graduating from Columbia Bible College with a degree in worship arts. I sat with her at the CBC spring concert on Friday night...

...and she cried as she said it was so worth making the trip just to see Jamison up there singing his heart out. Oh...and to see him with a haircut and all dressed up...that was almost more than she could take! She cried...I laughed. Jamison happens to be my nephew...and I wish him all the best as he pursues his love of music and seeks to be where God wants him to be.

Hilda has returned to Winnipeg...because there happens to be a party there this weekend that she wouldn't want to miss. Does she look like someone who could possibly be the guest of honour at an eight-fifth birthday party? She is 85 years old...and most excited to be celebrating it together with family and friends. She had the guest list pared down to 70 people...but I suggested she should just invite a few more and make it 85. I'm sure it will be a most memorable celebration!

Though Hilda won't likely be reading this's a verse I would like to give her on the occasion of her 85th.

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper, not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

The future may look a little scary when you are 85 years old...but Hilda knows who holds her future...and my wish for her is to walk into it with confidence.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman in my life!


  1. I would love to think that I could be that same sort of woman at that age, she sounds wonderful.

    The verse from Jeremiah is one that I go back to time and time again, what a promise it is!

  2. Any family would be fortunate to have such a woman among its elders - an inspiration to the younger members. Could any of us wish for more than to reach a great old age, to see grandchildren grow up and follow their dreams and to be loved and appreciated as Hilda obviously is?

  3. oh Judy, this is a another amazing co-incidence.
    I met Hilda, her dear hubby Abe and her sister Tillie, as I went to Ukraine with my aunt. We met in Toronto, we had tons of flight delays and changes, that they were so happy that a "young experienced girl" would get them all to where they were going. We were on a tour together for 10 days and have on occasion met for tea sipping it out of a tea set that brought back with her, (or was that Tillie's tea set, I can't remember. I just know that mine is orange and hers is blue). Our world is certainly getting smaller and smaller. Wow, Hilda is 85 now. That is truly a worthy celebration. I can only imagine how warmly you were welcomed in her home. It was a lovely home, and now they have a lovely apartment. She just has a flair for doing things in the most tasteful and wonderful way, seasoned with grace and love.

  4. Oh Hilda needs to read this wonderful! I can only imagine the pride and the gratitude and the feeling of worship that she was experiencing listening to Jamison. Happy Birthday to her!

    Oh I've been looking at your that flower mountain laurel?

  5. I'm sure our sister will see to it that Hilda gets to see this blog. She has always treated us royally, like family, and I'm thankful my sister has a mother-in-law like this one. I know she'll glory in her birthday celebration - and may she have many more!

  6. A great tribute to Hilda! What a lovely lady..I wish her many blessings.

  7. What a wonderful woman and friend you found in Hilda. I think she is beautiful. I wish her many blessings as she celebrates this milestone.
    (you'll have to print out the post and send it her way. fun)

  8. Wonderful women like Hilda are an inspiration to us who are following behind. Thank you for sharing the gift that Hilda is to you.

  9. What an inspirational woman! She sounds like a wonderful role model, Judy. Wishing her many more blessings on her 85th birthday!

    PS Thanks for putting up one of my favorite bible passages. I needed to read that today.

  10. Beautiful. Hilda is a fabulous 85!

  11. What a heart felt post Judy, what an honor to be part of Hilda's life.

    85 and living life to the fullest, thanks for sharing a bit of her story.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson