Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unexpected gifts...

I've been enjoying this beautiful floral arrangement for the past week...with the scent of the lilies reminding me at all times that it is there.

It came as an unexpected gift...at Easter. Least expected...most appreciated.

One day not long ago the door bell rang...as I was rushing around to prepare for a family luncheon. There stood a man who looked vaguely familiar...bearing a most unexpected gift.

There were pepperoni sausages...and smokies...and breakfast links.

"I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to hunt ducks on your property this past winter...and thought you might enjoy some sausages."

It was the duck hunter...who I had only seen from afar...returning to bring a gift of gratitude. How nice is that?

And since I was in the process of making up a meat tray...I added pepperoni. And I never told anyone it was duck meat...until after the fact. Smile. It was all good!

We enjoyed another unique gift of food recently. Hubby loves roast chicken...but isn't that fond of the teeny roasters that one finds in the supermarket. Every so often he makes a trip to the butcher shop to buy himself a treat...a large roast chicken. He then brings it home...and expects me to make something wonderful with it. The last time my brother-in-law flew out for a visit from Manitoba...he brought us a gift straight from his farm.

What could be better then a ten-pound Manitoba free range roaster? Lest you are imagining him flying on West Jet...holding a chicken in a cage...let me assure you that it was ready for roasting...packaged, insulated and still frozen when it arrived. I invited guests for dinner...and we had a feast!

And who expects to receive a gift from a friend they are meeting for lunch? It was unexpected...and so nice!

All that to say...the unexpected gifts of life bring a smile.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Marcel Proust


  1. Now that's very special. It's wonderful to have someone say thank you and then to say it with a gift is lovely. Did you get all those sausages? That's enough for an army!

    I don't think that I've seen your old Singer before...very nice!

  2. What fun! Those sausages, and the meat tray look fabulous. Have a great day Judy...

  3. That's sweet! We get unexpected gifts every now and then too - like the bucket of lobsters last summer from a happy couple whom my beloved had married. They came at a perfect time too - we had guests for lunch that day.

    We order our chickens from our neighbour. He's a hobby farmer and riases just enough chickens for his family and us :) There is no comparison to the ones sold in the stores.

  4. Isn't an unexpected gift just the nicest kind? All of that duck sausage looks delicious - a lovely gift in gratitude.

  5. I think unexpected gifts are the nicest kind. You received some pretty and interesting things.

  6. What wonderful unexpected gifts, Judy!

    The flowers are beautiful and the home made sausages must have been so delicious! Fresh free range chicken must have also been so good.

    It is so nice to be surprised and thanked in such a thoughtful way.

  7. How fun! A good reminder for me to remember to give a little...when it is totally unexpected. The sausages look so tasty. Kathy (MGCC)

  8. All of these gifts are filled with meaning and personality. Those are the very best kind!

  9. I like the quote at the end . . . about gardeners who make our souls blossom . . . esp having just read a gardening post.

  10. sweet gifts of gratitude. . .Those sausages look fabulous.
    The flowers and the brush. . all simple but kind gestures from someone who has appreciated you folks.

  11. Those are always the best, when they are least expected.
    That reminds me...we both have a gift to bring to another blogging friend...Maybe she will also make a post.

  12. Hi Judy - sorry I haven't been by for awhile. I did some reading back and just have to tell you how beautiful the tulips are! Wow - that's an eyeful to see that many together!

    Your grands are certainly growing, too! They are so cute!

    And what a nice man to bring ya'll all the sausages! And just as nice for ya'll to let him hunt on your place! A great trade looks like to me!

  13. Duck sausage...drool. I would have offered to come pick up the duck hunter and deliver him to your place to hunt next year!

    Can't decide which would be better: Duck sauages or Islandsparrow's lobster.

    If Vickie ever makes it out to SLC, I do hope she will bring me some alligator tail. Hmmm...may have to start considering local delicacies when developing friendships!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson