Monday, April 12, 2010

circling the lake...

A sunny Sunday...for a change! And so we made the most of it.

A short drive from our place has us in Sasquatch Provincial Park...home to four lakes. We decided to bring along some 'wannabe' hikers...and try the loop trail around Hicks Lake.

Although there were a few early spring campers here and there...the picnic grounds were the geese.

Our 'wannabe hikers' were much more interested in checking out the lake...

trying out the water pump...

...and watching raccoons then actually finding the trail head.

We passed through a most swampy area...had a lesson about skunk cabbages...

...and finally found the trail that winds around the lake. Ryder had assured us that he was up to the challenge of a 4 1/2 kilometer hike. (We discovered after the fact that it was actually 4 1/2 miles!)
When we reached the first wash-out we could have still turned back. But we forged on!

Soon came another washout...

...and another. By this time the end was in sight...and there was no way we were turning back.

Oh...and did I mention that we hiked for two hours and never met one other soul on the trail? And that the cellphone did not work? We were all relieved when we spotted our car in the parking lot...back where we started. As for our 'wannabe hikers'...they are now bonafide hikers!
Our drive home took us past a field that was planted in tulips last year. Can you tell?

The 'tulips of the valley' are just beginning their blooming for this season. I'll be back for another peek in a week or two.

And here on the farm...spring has also arrived. The first fields of grass were mowed down on Saturday...and hopefully the rain holds off long get it safely into the bunker silo today. The cows have been wondering where there next mouthful is coming the winter stockpile is about gone.

Have a great day!


  1. Those little hikers have earned their hiking badge after that one! Isn't it fun to introduce the next generation to the things we like to do?
    Have a good week!

  2. I would definitely would all fit the category of "bonafide hikers". I think I would have been so thrilled to see our vehicle at the end of the journey, too. I am sure these little ones will not forget the afternoon you shared together.

    The tulip fields are beautiful!

  3. Wow you all did really well to complete that hike. Glad the weather was so nice so you could all enjoy your adventure!

  4. Now that adventure sounded a wee bit scary. The grands aren't going to be forgetting that one any time soon. I can hear the stories of the day echoing back from the future now..."Then there was the time, Grandpa and Grandma took us on a walk through a flood." Ha! Beautiful, gorgeous tulips! I'd love to see such fields and am grateful that I get to see your photos of them.

  5. You hike with those little guys for 41/2 mile? Sounds like no one threw a tantrum...
    I love that tulip field with all the grass.
    Happy cuttings and may those cows enjoy their fresh graze.

  6. How fun that your grands are old enough to hike with you. I can't wait for those days. The pictures are worth a thousand words. .the hike looks like a good one. .and I'll surely want to try it this year. I've never been there.

    We have rain here today. . .I'm glad the rain is holding off for you farmers.

  7. Do you know how blessed you are to be able to take those wanna-be-hikers on a hike? I think you know.. otherwise you would not be posting. I see Ryder got the best view. Sometimes... it's nice to be the youngest.

  8. What a wonderful outing! And you were generous to take the grands along. They will never forget it. (I notice someone was on Grandpa's shoulders in one of the pictures!)
    We went on a little walk yesterday, too, and guess what! I saw several of the same things you did: a raccoon, skunk cabbage,and some squishy mud.

  9. My hat is off to your little hikers for forging ahead and finishing that hike. I'll bet they slept well last night.
    Once again I am in awe of the beauty in your area.

  10. Quite the hike..happy you didn't meet up with any bears!
    Beautiful header Judy!

  11. I had another question? Is that the first cut of alfalfa?

  12. You little hikers did a wonderful job keeping up! I'm sure they ( an you!) slept soundly that night.

    We saw many beautiful tulips this weekend. It seems to be a good Spring for them this year!

  13.'s actually the winter wheat they are cutting. They seed it late in fall...and cut it first thing in spring. Then the field gets worked up for spring planting...mostly corn.

  14. Thought it was a bit early for alfalfa but then you already had such warm growing weather early you just never know:)

  15. Lovely time was had by all!

    Personally, I was most pleased to see evidence that at least a few Canada geese remain in their native country.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson