Thursday, April 29, 2010

my collection of great canadian literature....

They may have Martha...and Paula...and the Barefoot Contessa...but we have our own favorites here in Canada. Have you ever heard of Jean Parè Alberta native who has become a household name in Canadian kitchens over the past few decades? She is the author of an entire library of Company's Coming cookbooks...and I must admit that I have a goodly number of her books on my shelf.
For many years Jean had a catering business in her hometown of Vermillion, Alberta...and with her success came the constant request for recipes. That led to the publishing of her very first Company's Coming cookbook in 1981...and a new one annually for the next six years. Today they are more than eight Company's Coming cookbooks published every year. (Unfortunately my library won't have room for them all!)

Jean's positive attitude, warm personality and her down-home recipes have helped to make her Canada's most popular cookbook author. She has sold over 27 million the recipient of many awards and was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada...our country's highest lifetime achievement honour.

I still remember the first Company's Coming cookbook that I was called Muffins and More...and became a fast favorite! Someone must have needed that book more than I did... I see it is no longer on the shelf.

My most recent CC addition is Healthy in a Hurry....which was a gift from a dear friend not so long ago.

It's a collection of nourishing recipes that can be on the table in 30 minutes or less....I like that kind of fast food. I've tried several of the recipes recently...

...including a new way to cook brussels sprouts...a vegetable that finds it's way into my shopping cart only when hubby comes along to the grocery store. Dressed up with bacon, red onions, herbs and olive oil...and broiled for some 20 minutes...they become almost delicious!

Yesterday we had 'sesame pork skewers' served with 'fragrant rice'...simply special!

If you have need of one more cookbook...I'd recommend one from the Company's Coming family. And if you are just visiting Canada...and need a good souvenir...let me suggest you take home a Company's Coming cookbook. Is it possible to have too many cookbooks?


  1. Thanks for visiting me! I look forward to getting to know you better. The cookbooks sound great. I will have to check those out and let you know which one(s) I get. It is good to get a recommendation from an everyday cook. I've bought some ccokbooks that sounded good, but the recipes weren't really practical and I never used them. Speaking of visiting Canada. My daughter and I were there about a year ago. We went to Niagara Falls to celebrate her college graduation. It was beautiful there and we had a wonderful time. Watching the Olympics made us want to visit Vancouver... maybe one day!

  2. It's embarrassing how little I know about Canadian anything...I couldn't even answer the Jeopardy question about the MacKenzie River the other night (nor could Nan, but she might have a good excuse). This collection of cookbooks looks wonderful! If you can get brussel sprouts to taste good...

  3. i love the CC books! I only have a few, but love them (we have that bbq one as well).
    in my opinion, no, you can never have too many recipe books :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your recipe books with us. But I am feeling sick right about now. I have a Company's coming book and it's called Muffins & More...Do you think it walked over to my place? But it has my name in it...I guess whatever happened in the past...will never be remembered.

  5. Ah, yes! Company's Coming! favorite is the salad book...if I'm ever at a loss as to what salad to make, I find it there.
    Teh brussels sprouts sound good..

  6. There can't be too many Canadian cooks who haven't either bought one or been given one as a gift. I gave one to my daughter in her Christmas stocking this year. My favorite was the appetizer book - it helped me through many years of officer-wife entertaining on a budget.

  7. What a great post idea. What Canadian woman doesn't have a row of those on her shelf? I had muffins and more as my first one too and I think I still have mine. For a while it seemed muffins were all the rage but now more a staple in our kitchens.

    OH. and I love that cookbook shelf. . another part I love about your house.

  8. I will keep an eye out for these. I like it that each book has a particular theme so you don't have to go through all of them to find a (for instance) casserole or salad.

    I have lots of cookbooks but nowhere in my kitchen to keep them.

  9. Oh you temptress! I'm a sucker for cookbooks and these look fabulous. On my next trip to OH CANADA I'm picking one up for my souvenir...that's the way I'll justify it.
    I want some of those Brussels them and that presentation looks fabulous...

  10. I have so many cookbooks...definitely my I looked on American and some of Jean Pare's titles are available here, too, Judy! I'm going to look at her web site for recipes to try.

    The brussels sprouts look good! I am one of the few that like them.

  11. And Canada also has the MGCC gang...America is jealous.

    One of my favorite actors David McCallum spoke about his brussel sprout recipe that involved olive oil and maple syrup brushed on and then the sprout was grilled on an open flame. Word was out on it...his castmates became hooked. Wish he would reveal the details.

  12. I love your little corner shelf well stocked with some of my favorite reads. My collection has many of the same ones....nothing like pulling out a cookbook. Your meal looks wonderful! Kathy

  13. I am not familiar with this author, but now I will be on the lookout for some of these cookbooks. The brussel sprouts look so good! Thank you for this referral.

  14. Company's Coming cookbooks are some of my favorites too - I started with Muffins and More also - and go back to them all time and again to see what new delights there are for company.


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