Monday, April 19, 2010

up the hill...

You may recall that I had many things on the agenda for the weekend...including 'hills to climb and friends to meet'. I'll share just a little of my hill-climbing adventure with you.

Every so often I meet a friend at the bottom of a nearby hill...where we park our cars and begin our climb.

It's always a good workout...on a trail running alongside the road.

We met as usual on Friday and began our climb. What was not usual was the knapsack on her back...bearing tulips and gift-wrapped packages. We have a mutual friend who lives somewhere up in 'them there hills' and our plan was to pay her a wee visit. Many times in the past...we had threatened to stop by for coffee on one of our mountain adventures. But the truth of the matter was that we had no real idea where she there are subdivisions spread out like mazes in every direction. This time we meant business...and my walking partner assured me she had a the address on a sticky note...and a cell phone and phone number in case we got lost. This time we would find her place...since she was expecting us.

We hadn't walked this trail for some time...and new inukshuks had appeared since our last hike.

The trail forked...and we had a little discussion as to which way we should go. When in doubt...go right...and so we did.

And there was the next fork. She had decided to come meet us...and be our guide for the rest of the journey.

Good thing...since the home we had previously picked out as Julie's was nowhere near the home she took us to!

We walked through subdivisions that looked like this...and on to her place at the end of the trail...against the forest. It's a wonderful spot...where the deer and the bear wander at will.

We had a fine time coffee-ing (the yummiest hazelnut coffee, I might add)...and left her a few souvenirs of the tulip tour she wasn't able to join us on earlier this month.

And when it was time to take our leave...she decided to walk us back to the fork in the trail...just to be sure we could find our way home.

We passed by more inukshuks...

...and near the bottom of the trail, I spotted a little sticky note with distinctive writing...lying face-up on the rocks. Good thing Julie came to meet us...because the address which was thought to be safely tucked in a pocket...was blowing about on the trail for any and all to see!

I'm wondering if Julie had any more visitors that afternoon.

There's nothing like a brisk walk up the hill...a good cup of coffee...some fine friends...and a good laugh to brighten up the weekend. And that was just the start!

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful summery Sunday...and ended the day by going back up that same hill to visit the kids. This time we took the car...and wound our way to the very top...

...and spent the evening on a back deck with a view of the Chilliwack River Valley. Long after the sun had set...the thermometer read 18°C. Ice-cream and grandkids...a perfect way to end the day.
Enjoy the day...


  1. What a perfect way to spend the weekend! The backpack filled with little gifts certainly made me smile. What a beautiful location for your friend to live in! I can only imagine the joy that you experienced together in the hills, with good friends and delicious hazelnut coffee. How blessed you are to be living in such a pretty part of God's world.

  2. Wasn't it a beautiful day, yesterday? At one point on my drive over here the car dashboard told me that it was 22 degrees outside. It sounds as though you made great use of a beautiful weekend - and I'm glad you found that sticky note!

  3. What fun. So great to see Julie waiting for you. Thank you for personally transporting that thingie to her! Sunday was so glorious...I'm glad you spent it so well with your loved ones!

  4. Sounds like a good hike up into 'them hills' but oh so worth it to meet up with Julie.
    A great Sunday with loved ones:) And the perfect day for ice cream!

  5. It's a good thing that the criteria for enjoying icecream has changed since your husband was a kid!

  6. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon .. I loved the picture of M and her backpack . .how sweet is that?
    Oh so wonderful to have a friend so eager to have you come for coffee that she meets you half way. .I was reminded of my childhood friend that often did that with me.

  7. I'm so glad you could share some of our trip with Julie in this way!
    And it looks like a nice little hike too!

  8. Up and down the hill once again. What a wonderful walk, filled with therapy for me...
    Fun to enjoy the simple things of life like we used to.

  9. bWhat a grand little adventure. Julie is such a sweetie, I think it would be well worth the hike to have a wee visit with her.

    This Canadian rock stacking habit: could it be employed to create some useful stone walls instead of random rock piles? Thousands of years from now archeologist will conclude that Canadians were either 1. worshipping something or 2. they got started on walls, then got distracted by some catastrophy.

  10. What a nice way to spend the day, Judy! Good exercise and good friends.I recognized Marge as your travel partner :-)

    PS I love hazelnut coffee! It's my favorite flavored coffee.

  11. Your sunny weekend was perfect for climbing that hill. And what a wonderful view of the valley - I've seen that same view walking around the hill where my parents live.

    So good that Julie came to meet you and what fun you must have had laughing over the fall of the note.

  12. Judy... I sooo enjoyed our visit on Friday.
    The tulips are blooming beautifully on my table, a reminder of our beautiful afternoon together.
    I hope that you and Marg will find your way over again ... smile.. now that you know where I live.

  13. That seems like the best sort of hike...with a lovely friend at the end of it!

  14. What a fun adventure. How sweet that you brought gifts....and you could enjoy coffee, and a good visit. You had the perfect weather. Kathy

  15. Now I never would've dreamed that all that civilization was waiting at the end of your climb. You describe this so well. Isn't God good to allow you to find the sticky note?!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson