Monday, April 26, 2010

rollin' down the river...

The mighty Fraser it is often called...flows through our valley and out to the ocean in Vancouver.

For the most part we look for order to cross to the other side. Yesterday we decided to travel on the river...rather than over it! We found an entire busload of friends who were all ready to explore the river...buttonholed another friend into driving the bus...ordered up some sunshine and blue skies especially for the day...and drove out to the pier in New Westminster. There we boarded a paddlewheeler riverboat...and began our excursion.

There's nothing like a narrated river tour to learn a little (a lot) about the river we cross over so often. The Fraser River begins as a clear stream some nine hundred miles from here...near Mt. Robson. It is still known as the number one salmon river in the world...though we know salmon stock have been dwindling in recent years. We saw fish jumping...and even a harbour seal as we cruised the river.

Yesterday we passed beneath the bridges. It was a whole new perspective!

Some even opened up as we approached!

Though the river was not exactly a hub of activity yesterday...we saw freighters being unloaded...

...and lumber being towed upstream.

And off on the side channels...we passed by entire villages of houseboats.

Some came with appropriate 'The White House' pictured above.


...and men riding logs...all part of our Fraser River experience.

And for those who might be interested in real estate on the banks of the river...a row of quaint homes had some appeal.

Several hours later we were back in New Westminster...after a most enjoyable afternoon on a paddle wheeler riverboat...and with a much better idea of what actually happens on the Fraser.
From our vantage point midstream...we also noticed a bike path along the shore. Maybe we'll check that out one day.

Soon we were back at the pier...

...and bidding farewell to Frank...our trusty tour guide from Paddlewheeler Riverboat Cruises.

Oh...and our trusty bus driver was also a Frank. was a good Sunday outing. I'd recommend it!


  1. What a great new perspective on a a river that's so much a part of valley life. I especially liked the views of all the bridges - have never seen them from that perspective.
    I hope the rest of your week is as smooth sailing!

  2. I so enjoyed and looked forward to this post. We've done the harbour cruises before but never the paddle wheel cruise .. .I wonder who i could talk into coming with me for that.
    I'm glad the weather held. Were you served treats or dinner?

    I like what Pondside said. .smooth sailing.

  3. Love it! What a great adventure filled with new perspective! 2 Franks?? That is funny...
    Beautiful photos Judy!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how much fun you pack into life. I'm frankly in total awe! And I had no idea that men were still "riders of the king logs."

  5. Great friends and great company.
    Someone sure pulled our strings for that beautiful weather.
    The river is fascinating and has so much to offer, and the scenery is definitely one from a different perspective.
    Now it's time to add River cruising in Europe. You will love it.

  6. What a nice day, Judy! Riding on the river always gives a different perspective than riding alongside it, doesn't it? Living on an island as I do, and surrounded by rivers and Atlantic ocean, I often travel by ships and ferry and love it, but I have yet to try a relaxing paddle wheel cruise! I will have to try that someday!

  7. I love how you and your friends are always playing tourist in your own backyard! I would have loved to have been with you.

  8. Yes...more people should play tourist in their own back yards! We do! I do so regret not making time to take a paddle boat tour up the Mighty Mississippi when we lived in the south.

    I loved the guys riding on the logs. Good to know that art is still being practiced by loggers.

  9. Oh, this remeinded me of our riverboat ride in Indonesia! I didn't know we could have had one so close to home! Almost the same... except for a few things . . .

  10. What a nice outing. You seem to be able to rustle up a group of friends for many of your activities. It's wonderful to be so rich in resources.

  11. Paddle boats...log riders...canneries...they are all part of life that I know nothing about. Just think how much I enjoyed this post, and how much I would have been thrilled to have seen it all in person. It seems to me that you and your family and or friends, sure do participate in lots of fun and educational activities. And me...I am blessed to come along via the wonderful world of blogging.

  12. Ohh ! what a great day! and perfect weather to make your pictures 'picture perfect' ... smile... Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder and experience a little of your paddleboat cruise!

  13. Beautiful pictures. I love the mountains in the background.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson