Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thinking spring...

We have those brief little reminders that spring is just around the corner...and we are ready!

The robins returned...I saw the first one last Friday morning (February 20)...and took this photo through the window...so as not to scare him off. Right next to where he sat on the branch...the red winged blackbirds have been busy at the bird feeder. It seems they are back from an extended winter vacation as well. The wee snow birds are having to share their seeds now...but they seem to work it all out.

As for the ducks...they have seemingly lost all concept of seasons...and decided that our farm is a good year-round retreat. They are not aware that they have long worn out their welcome...and seem to be inviting their friends and relatives to join them.

It's time to start thinking about gardening. I was most surprised yesterday to see a few of the early shrubs in bloom! The pink blooms in the collage...

...are Viburnum Pink Dawn. The chives are ready for harvest...and I've already done some snipping.

Also in my herb garden...are many of the little green sprouts (centre top). I did the sniff test to see what they might be...so early and prolific. Hmmm...it smells very lovely...rather like spearmint. That is a bit of a problem...since I had the mint in a container...as I had been warned it is VERY invasive. It seems to have jumped out of it's cage...and is taking over!

A few pansies...and a wee bunch of daffodils...are now brightening up the front porch. It's beginning to feel like spring...and I like that feeling.

There's always the good and the bad...in every season of life...

...and so it seems the slugs have also returned. The battle for my garden boxes will soon be on once again!

The eagle is still keeping watch...but once spring has truly arrived, I will know....as he will be vacating his post until next winter. Aren't seasons just the best...especially spring?

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant;
if we did not sometime taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
Anne Bradstreet


  1. Yes, spring is the best........except for in October when the air is crisp and leaves a bit crunchy underfoot........or winter when the air is sharp (and it's not raining!).......so summer when the arbutus leaves crackle underfoot and the sky is that briliiant hard blue and the roses are heavy. Yes, the seasons are the best gift!

  2. A very attractive posting my friend! I look forward to so many aspects of Spring, especially the flowers. Your collage is enough to make anyone look forward to the next season of our year. I enjoyed my visit this morning.

  3. Beautiful photographs today, Judy. Well . . . except for that nasty slug :-) I have been enjoying waking up to the sound of the songbirds outside my window. This is such a beautiful time of the year as the earth springs forth with so much new life.

  4. .......;-(, no fair!
    i think i need to come for a visit!

  5. I loved that robin...I saw one on Sunday, but could not grab my camera quick enough.
    Collage is so colorful. Way to go!I agree it's time for spring...

  6. Ah Judy .. .I love the signs of spring.
    Good grief what is with the ducks? They have taken over our field too. . .when we come home from anywhere. . .we often go tearing down the driveway beside the barn to do a scatter and yee haw. . better than shooting I guess.
    I love all your signs of spring the pink bush. .I didn't know what it was called. . .thanks for the info. and the spearmint? Oh boy. . .it migrates all right, probably the underground runners came from my garden.

  7. Ahh the robin.. a sign of spring for sure. I'm with Char..no fair!
    I guess we will continue to find something 'pretty' here in the snow:)

  8. Would you believe that I have also seen my first robin? He was out and about a week ago eating the dried winterberries in my Christmas arrangement. I haven't seen him since.

    Spring is almost there in your corner if you are seeing all the herbs and flowers coming up.

    I bought an Easter bunny today. It may be pushing things, but I'm ready, too.

  9. Hi Judy!

    Spring is coming your way much more quickly than here in NYC. My daffodils are just beginning to peek through and we are not out of the woods as far as still getting snow.

    I grow spearmint and peppermint in pots and yes, it does throw it's seeds into other nearby pots whenever it can -- they need to be kept in isolation...lol
    I'v hear slugs are attracted to beer and will fall into a shallow dish of it and then never leave. Also a line of salt will keep them away from flower beds. Both are hard to maintain however.
    My scourge are squirrels that love to dig up my newly planted herbs and flowers when they search for nuts they hid in the same flower pots the fall, even though I've replaced all the soil with new soil. I'm always chasing them away from my yard with a broom like a madwoman...lol

    My favorite season is autumn, but spring does come in a close second. You used my favorite spring quote today!

  10. oh well, spring seems just so far away around here; my garden is burried under tons of snow and the only flowers are in the store. But we will get there at some point, and do continue to ski ... till spring comes around!
    Greetings from Tramelan, Switzerland

  11. I love the little bird. He looks so sweet sitting there. He's not worrying about anything. The eagle is so majestic. The poor little slug is so homely, but I guess the Lord has a job for him too. He's sure not pretty like the birds.

  12. You are quite a bit ahead of us in the spring department. I am just gearing up for pruning, and dead stuff clean up. I will probably find a few green shoots, but no flowers yet...sigh!

  13. How wonderful you spotted a robin! He looks like he will fit right into that dip in the mountain behind him. I haven't seen a robin here yet. Soon, hopefully, that will happen.

    We've had an eagle hanging around the past couple days, too. I'm heading out to see if I can get a photo, though its doubtful.

  14. As I am typing this comment, there is a blizzard outside! What is going on? Yesterday 8-10 degrees and today already minus 2.8 degrees. I can't see the house from the office window. Spring? yes, I know it is coming - there were about 30 robins under the office window an hour ago and I have a daffodil in full bloom already but I think we are a bit premature in thinking it's already here. (I only live a few miles from Judy so Charlotte don't get too envious yet.)

  15. Really? Flowers? We just had another dump of snow and with the wind chill it is -31. I agree, I really enjoy spring.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson