Monday, May 31, 2010

almost laughable...

It all began last a family reunion in a little village some thirty miles away.  We discovered an old-fashioned general store...with an amazing candy supply. 

The grands were promised they could visit the store when the reunion ended...only to discover the little store was closed on Sundays...and it was Sunday.  And so we made plans to return to the village at the end of summer...and they could pick out candy to their heart's content.

On a hot Monday in August...we returned...making the trip in three vehicles in order to have the required car seats.  CLOSED on Mondays!  We picked up the pieces and went for ice-cream instead.  But they never forgot about the candy store...and wondered when we would go again. the dead of winter...on a Saturday in January...we made the trek once again...only to find they were closed for 'winter vacation'.  The consolation prize?  Donuts all around!

The oldest grand-girlies are quite taken with candy stores...and actually have a little candy store side-business of their own...and so their plans to see the amazing candy store in the little village were not easily abandoned.  We decided we would make plans once more to visit the village of Clayburn on Saturday...Grammy, six grands and their three vehicles.  And since it was lunchtime...we thought it would be wise to stop for a bite to eat before arriving at the candy store.  There's an wonderful new farm market just a few miles from the little village...and so we stopped there for a quick lunch. 

Freshly baked scones, muffins and cinnamon buns...homemade soup or deli hit the spot.  We were a noisy bunch...and they were likely ready to usher us on by the time we took our leave!

Finally...we were actually on our way to the candy store.  Emme and Ryder hopped in my car for the last little leg of the journey...and Emme asked me if I had called ahead to make sure they were open.  I had not...but knew they were open on Saturdays.  She had her doubts...since she had faced disappointment too many times.  I said, "Emme, if they are closed this time, I will eat my shirt."

As we neared the store I noticed there were no cars...


...and we slowly drove by and saw a small 'closed' sign in the window.  There were a few unhappy sounds in the car...and then Emme began to she reminded me that I would now be 'eating my shirt'.  Oh dear...did I really say that?  There was a little note on the door...explaining the unexplained closure on a Saturday.  They are closed for 'rejuvenation' this time...and it seems they will need several weeks to get rejuvenated over there.

Should we laugh or cry?  Could this really have happened again?  There's always a back-up plan...since to go straight home would never do!

We happen to have our own old-fashioned candy store in our town...just minutes from home...and so we decided we would return to our hometown and visit our own candy store.  Why did we not think of this in the first place?

They had the fun picking out their penny candy...

...and putting their own coins on the counter...

...and exploring the rest of the store with a shopping cart at the ready...should they find a deal too good to pass up. 


We have an amazing candy store right in our own backyard...why do we go elsewhere?  I think the message is clear...we should be shopping at home.

I'm still trying to figure out how to keep my eat my shirt.  It was a very big shirt!  

Have a happy Monday...


  1. That is tooo funny!

    How about making a cake the shape and color of your shirt and make a party out of it.

  2. That is a fabulous candy store - but do you all know about the Christmas display? If not, be sure to go back in December - it's a true fairy tale land in there!!!

  3. What a funny post, I so giggled at the pictures and felt so bad that the kids were dissapointed again. There is another candy store down town in our town too. .but the old fashioned one is the best.

  4. It sounds as though Murphy was hard at work. I'm so glad you thought of Chilliwack's as it's selection rivals that of Clayburn's. I liked Nancy's suggestion - bake a cake or cookies in the shape and colour of your shirt and then keep your promise. The grands would love that.

  5. I cant believe you went all those times only to find it closed! Better luck next time.

  6. wow....THAT is quite the experience!
    i am curious about the closed sign...are they closed every day for a little while? I had hoped to bring my daughter there after her ballet class tomorrow. but i have backup plan: the other candy store in old downtown :)

  7. Oh my...It really is amazing that can happen to you so many times...
    I'm glad you have that candy store close by and you all were able to have a sense of humor about it. Hmm will you have a little salt and pepper with that shirt?

  8. I can't believe it! What business just closes whenever they feel like it? Are they there just for decoration ... as part of the heritage look? =)
    Maybe they eat too much candy...

  9. What a funny story and I love that your Grand children saw the humor in it as well :-)
    Yep, often what we are looking for in life is found in our own backyard.......

  10. Oh my. I feel disappointed and I wasn't even in on the trip :) Good thing there's a candy store back home!

    I'll have to take you on a virtual tour of the Old fashioned Anne of Green Gables candy store that we have in town. I don't think that pennies would go very far there though. It may look old-fashioned but the prices aren't. It's a touristy thing and they tend to be pricey. But taking pictures is free (and low calorie :)

  11. I hope your shirt is tasty! You made me laugh with your candy store tale...but I think you should go back one more time, only call ahead first to make sure their rejuvenation is complete and they will really be open (I have to wonder, are they ever open?)

  12. The Candy Store! We used to drive all the way to Banff to the candy store...Those trips to the candy store create many memories.
    I would like to see a photo of you eating your shirt.

  13. That is not one bit funny and I am wearing my growly face that perfectly matches your daughter-in-law's. There's just one thing to be the store and we'll all write letters. Ha! Oh my! Good thing you're quick on your toes so that you avoided eating your shirt and kept everyone calm in such adverse circumstances. You really could be a diplomat. Oh, don't forget to call ahead next time. Hope that the shirt is tasty.

  14. My goodness! I appreciate your perseverance, but I'm with you,I think I would just go the one at home from now on!!!

  15. Some things are just destined to never happen ... but I hope one day the magical candy store will be finally open :-)

    Glad your town has one as good, or maybe even better!

  16. Oh, Loved all the candy. What a great place. Too funny about eating your shirt though. Good luck with that.

  17. Oh no! You poor may never live this one down. Great family story though. I love that they at least got some candy this time.

    These people ought to have their grand re-opening featuring your family. It would make a great local town newspaper story. You guys should cut the ribbon or something. Just think of all the free internet advertising you have given them.

    I love your determination Judy, just love it!

  18. There are some days when I feel like closing my kitchen for some rejuvenation time:) What an interesting little candy store. I laughed at the eating your shirt line since that sounds like something I would say. With your huge dose of creativity, I know you will come up with a super fun solution to that promise...which will mean another party. Your grands and daughters and daughter-in-laws, are so fortunate to have you. This was a great post!

  19. I can so relate to this! We live in a tourist area and the businesses are so tempremental they are often closed different days each week - or if the surf happens to be is rather annoying and dissapoints...we have abandonded some places for good for this reason...we consider dissapointed children to be just not cricket. I am so glad you had a back up plan and I agree with the cake suggestion re eating your shirt....everyone would gladly help then!

  20. It is amazing how we always look for things elsewhere, and not see the the great things right in front of us. It's like going to historic places on vacation, or for vacation for that matter. Yet you never visit the historic land marks that people drive thousands of miles to see in your own backyard.

  21. you know, this exact thing has happened to me and my mom and kids at least as many times as it has happened to you at this particular place! it is a total joke to us now. and funny, i thought i'd swing by there this last week with my daughters WITH a back up plan...and surprise of all surprises it was closed. aside from this last week, i ALWAYS call first. :)


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