Wednesday, January 14, 2009

blonde moments...

Those who know me...know that I am actually a brunette. Every so often those 'blonde' roots peek through and I am sure to cover them up in a timely fashion. But how would I look as a true blonde?

I thought I'd check it out at the flea market in Palm Springs the last time we were there...and for $12.99 I could be a blonde whenever I was in the mood. I decided to pass!

I have enough blonde moments...that I can have the experience, without actually having the hair. Yesterday was a case in point!

I have my own little shelf in the shower...for shampoo and conditioner (which happens to be Pantene at the moment). Conditioner is a really important step for me, or so I thought...since my hair is always on the dry side. Yesterday I reached for the conditioner bottle (always on the right) and came up with shampoo. I grabbed the other bottle...also shampoo! Hmmm...I know it was a few weeks ago that I replaced my empty conditioner bottle. So for the last few weeks...I have had very clean hair. But here's the thing...I never even missed the conditioner!

The conditioner is now in it's rightful place...and soon my hair will have 85% more shine again (according to the large print on the bottle)!

There are more important things in my life right now...than whether my hair is blonde or brown...moist or dry. Jeremy (our son) is still in hospital...still on IV...and coming to realize that he won't be all better tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who have expressed concern on his behalf...and thanks for your prayers.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your Jeremy is still struggling. I'll continue to hold him in prayer.
    I had to laugh at the thought of you washing your hair twice all this time! I remember, years ago, spraying my hair with air freshener. It didn't do much for my hair and I walked around smelling like a 'spring meadow'.

  2. I do hope that Jeremy turns the corner today. ...
    The post is cute. . .love those wigs that do that. . .perhaps I'll have to dig through my box of pictures of a similar visit to a similar store. . .
    I am firmly brunette, but that doesn't stop me from deserving a blond joke now and then.

  3. Thanks Judy for that chuckle this morning! I needed that.
    I'll continue to pray for Jeremy.

  4. Good for you to have your sense of humour while your son is so sick. I'd be too busy and worried to be 'playing'. I sure hope he gets better soon. Dairymary

  5. Keeping Jeremy in prayer and all the family. So glad that he is in the hospital getting good care. Just tell him to relax and allow all the pretty nurses to take good care of him. I'm also a firm believer in nothing happens without the Lord's doing something good...He's just like may Jeremy be looking for God in the interruption.

    You're so darned cute that you could have any color hair...ever try red? That's weird that you didn't miss the conditioner...I'm sure that I would...I think.

  6. I'm happy to hear that other "brunettes" can have blonde moments too!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that Jeremy is still in hospital. He is still in my prayers and I'm so sure he'll be recovering quickly!

  8. Continuing to pray for your son and a speedy recovery.

    That hat/hair thing is hysterical Judy, I thought it was your hair at first, then I spotted one of those hats hanging on the rack in your photo. Too funny!

    I hear Palm Springs is averaging around 80 degrees right now, have friends heading down there tomorrow to get out or our FOG. Thank the good Lord we are not in that "Alberta Clipper" thing geesh! It looks like our house up in MT is missing it too, it's a plus for us being on the western side of the continental divide.

  9. Get well prayers going up for your son.

  10. I thought you were having a hair day yesterday....but I didn't want to comment. There were too many other things to talk about.
    My shower is the same. I do everything have blinded and after my daughter has been home, everything's changed once again.
    Don't go BLONDE..
    Always a new surprise.

  11. Judy, I've been using Mane and Tail for the last thirty years...I used to buy it in the feed and seed and then my Dad (God Bless him) started telling his patients how great my hair looked and they started buying it and then I guess they told their friends, etc...and then one day a couple of years ago I found Mane and Tail in Walmart's...with a conditioner...I still buy mine at the Feed and Seed because if it has a conditioner now, the shampoo can't possibly be the same, right? I still use White Rain conditioner...I am nothing if not a creature of you know that Prell started out as carpet shampoo?

  12. I am so sorry that Jeremy is still in the hospital. I pray the Lord will touch him and make him whole again.

    I think we should have extra large print on the shampoo and conditioner bottles for the shower. Who can see that little bitty print after a certain age? I am far sided so I sure can't.

    You look cute as a blond and a brunette. Stay warm. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I have missed you and I'm so glad I'm back.

  13. Hi Judy

    It usually takes a few days for the antibiotics to work, so hopefully Jeremy will be feeling a little stronger soon. He'll need to rest when he goes back home too. His body will need a chance to heal fully. I'm keeping him in my prayers!

    I would never get away with washing my hair twice as I have dry hair too and I'd know right away, even before it was toweled dry, if I skipped the conditioner!

    Hugs, Pat

  14. Wow, poor Jeremy! I've been praying for him and the family. Hope everyone is coping ok.

    Too funny about the conditioner! I do the same thing every so often, even though I have the right bottles in front of me...


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