Friday, January 23, 2009

No Bookman ~ Go Bowling

We have a wonderful used bookstore in our town, called The Bookman...and it is has also been a favorite spot to take the grands since they were wee little.

The girls have loved books from early on...and we usually leave with another book or two for Grammy's collection.

The resident cat is a drawing card as well...and always comes out of his hiding place when the kids arrive!

Last Friday night, while their mommy was with daddy in the hospital...we promised we would take them on an outing to the Bookman. Ryder even ate all his veggies...just to be sure he could join in the outing. Everything is open until late on Friday night...right? How disappointed they were when we arrived to find the door locked...and the sign saying closed.

No amount of rattling the door latch would make any difference...although it did bring the cat to the door. What to do now? Hmmm...there is a bowling alley right across the street....and it's open until the wee why not take them bowling? We found shoes for everyone...and had a wonderful bowling session.

Ryder still wasn't quite sure about this...since he really had wanted to visit the Bookman. But after a little sulking...he warmed up to the idea quite nicely.

It had been two years since we took the girls bowling...

...and they had improved immensely. It was also two years since Grammy had gone bowling...and her bowling skills had deteriorated greatly. So we made a great bowling team! We let Grandpa win the contest...and we three girls were in a dead heat. I think we'll go again soon...maybe just us girls.

But it's Friday again...and we are going to try visiting the Bookman once more. This time we will go before dinner...just to be sure they let us in!

Have a great weekend...


  1. What a couple of good sports Grammy and Grandpa are. If bowling is going to figure into my future I'll have to start doing the stretching exercises now!
    Aren't used book stores wonderful places? I haven't taken my grandson yet, but my father and I have a 'date' every winter to spend a sunny day up in Sidney-by-the-Sea, which calls itself the Used Book Capital of BC. We poke around, flop through pages to our hearts' content, with no one to ask us if we'd like to go somewhere more interesting. We always come home with some new addtions our libraries.

  2. Love the way that you tell a story. Poor, sad, dejected grands standing at the closed door. LOL! Glad that you can turn on a dime and change a bad thing into a good one. Lots of life's best adventures happen just that way.

  3. Teach them young! What a great way of playing and learning together.
    Maybe I would of enjoyed reading more if we didn't have to work so hard as kids...Keep reading....
    YOu can tell you are well experienced, always having an alternative stashed in your back pocket.

  4. Sounds like a good time, anyways! I remember taking Ben on a date, bowling, and I couldn't believe how I felt my legs after because it goes so fast when there's just two people playing.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time. We will be looking after our granddaughters next week while their Daddy takes Mummy to Paris for the day for her 30th. We may visit the zoo!!

  6. Either place looks like great fun!

    Cute Grands!


  7. Judy, your pictures are so fun, I just smiled at the picture of them all standing at the door. . .typical blogger. ..wait. . I need a picture of you all looking in the door. OH. . if I could post pictures like that. . the fun I could have.
    Anyways. . .the picture with Ryder at the bowling alley was also pricelesss.. . .just the best.

  8. Loved your pics 'caught' some very good ones. I love books but bowling sounds fun too. Bowling is harder than it looks..

  9. I haven't bowled in years and years Judy, maybe since my children were young. It is even hard to find an open bowling alley anymore. I'm glad you all had a good time doing something different.
    Bookman looks like a fun bookstore -- I like how they stack the shelves. I hope Ryder gets his new book soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  10. I love to read your posts about your grandchildren. I thought the photo of the 3 of them at the door was precious. You and your husband sound like really wonderful grandparents. I am storing up the good ideas I read about here for the day that I become a grandma.

  11. The Bookman is a great idea...and I haven't been there in ages, but must visit soon. Maybe I am just waiting...and waiting...and waiting for grandchildren. Love the picture of your little guy at the bowling alley ...just makes a person smile.


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