Tuesday, January 13, 2009

felted wool pillow

It's January...time to de-clutter and get things in order. But first I need to clear away a few projects that I have had lying around for awhile. This pillow project took all of a few minutes...once I actually got to it.

I now have a new throw pillow...made from a re-purposed sweater.

  • The first step was to 'felt' the wool. This has been known to happen by accident on occasion...but in this case was quite intentional. Felting produces a mass of matted fibres...a thick and dense fabric that we call felt.
  • I washed the sweater in very hot water with a wee bit of detergent...and also dried it in the dryer. The rather large wool sweater (an Eddie Bauer original) was quite petite when this process was completed.
  • The next step involved lying around in my laundry room...and then sewing room...for a few months. This step could be nicely omitted.
  • Cut sweater open on side and neck seams. Cut off sleeves...discard or save to use in other projects.

  • Measure pillow form and cut sweater to fit. I cut two 19" squares of felted wool for a 18" square pillow.
  • Sew three sides with 1/2" seam and leave a 12" opening on the fourth side. Trim seam allowances diagonally at corners; turn pillow cover right side out. Insert pillow and hand stitch opening. Voila.
  • Place on comfy chair...or throw on the floor and use when reading books to Maelyn.

I never actually had a whole lot of time to try it out just yet...since there were other things that took priority over lying around yesterday. Our son is still in the hospital...and we are taking things one day at a time on the farm. I discovered that there are still coveralls that fit me...and gloves and boots!

Have a terrific Tuesday...


  1. Very nice pillow Judy! I can totally understand that 'long stay' in the sewing room, that would be me!
    Hope Jeremy is improving..continuing in prayer.

  2. We are so related. . .sewing projects on the go together. . .how fun.
    I have never felted anything but I think I'll take a look in the bag destined for MCC that I've been accumulating through my own decluttering and see if there is anything that will felt.
    Still thinking of Jeremy.. .
    I also really enjoyed your writing today. . .so fun.

  3. On the bright side - fitting into something that you've not worn for a long time is a Very Good Thing. Just too bad it's overalls - I was thinking favorite jeans!
    I love the idea of shrinking a beloved sweater and making a pillow. Thanks for putting the photos of the process - I know that I already have the 'lying around in the laundry room and sewing room for a few months' down pat.
    I hope that your Jeremy is improving and will soon be home.

  4. Isn't that interesting...
    Awhile ago I met someone with a real unique bag.. and guess what she did exactly what you described.
    That's my favorite color....I bet that sweater would of fit me...
    Praying that you get the right support on the farm.

  5. Funny you should post this, I was just at the thrift store last week looking for used sweaters that I could deconstruct for this same project.

  6. You make a goof farmer's wife if you are willing to put on those coveralls! Oh, and I know you cook and now I know you sew! That pillow should be so comfy one to hold on to.
    Hope things are looking up on the farm.

  7. Soory, I meant to say "good" . . . maybe goofy is good sometimes too!

  8. Oh Judy...I am in to recycling so much and this is marvelous. I also know how to shrink things naturally so that is good too. But there is one problem...I cannot sew! Yikes....don't even bring a needle and thread near me...I get hives! grin....nice post there Judy...and an Eddie Bauer original...that brings back memories

  9. Beautiful recycling of the sweater Judy! It looks like such a comfortable pillow.

    Hugs, Pat

  10. You're so cute...love that you included the step that could be omitted. I'm sending you a project that you can do with those remaining pieces...watch for it.

  11. Judy, I am praying for your son. I hope he is improving.

    Your pillow turned out great. That is a wonderful idea.

  12. Neat pillow. I have missed your posts and I thank you for your sweet comments while I've been away. I am back now and it's neat to get back to my old friends. I need to check out this pillow with Avery. She played on the computer while I worked on the weekends. Now we must catch up on our fun. We are blessed to be so close to our grandbabies. later, luv ya, Trish

  13. Judy the felted pillow turned out wonderful.. I just love to felt!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your son in the hospital, my goodness, and one of your employee's with a bad knee, and all that flooding, what a week so far..

    I know your faith is strong Judy and your hard work shows...I'm praying for your son's health to be restored and dry land...my friend.

  14. What a good idea to recycle the sweater. I may have to go look at some of my husband's woollies....!
    I continue to pray for your son, and hope he is making a good recovery.


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