Monday, January 19, 2009

a bus trip to remember...

So why would anyone actually want to take a bus trip? My bus riding experience was mostly limited to riding a bright yellow bus to school…

...or this lovely seafoam green specimen on a missions trip in the West Indies in the early 70’s. Bus rides were for school children and seniors! That was my thinking…until I took a surprise bus tour that threw that theory out the window.

It was a normal west coast January evening…and the plan was to go out for dinner with friends. Hubby had made all the arrangements…and our friends were stopping by to pick us up. But they were a little late…and then I heard the ‘milktruck’ coming down the barn driveway. Strange…the milk was usually picked up late at night. Next thing I knew…the ‘milktruck’ was honking in front of the house. Hubby said, “Let’s go…I think they’re here.” Suddenly I knew he was up to something…and I wasn't so sure I wanted to find out what! Sitting outside my front door was a state-of-the-art tour bus….and the passenger door opened as I approached. By now I was totally taken aback…but hubby insisted I get in.

Surprise! Inside were about 50 of my nearest and dearest friends and family. They all yelled “surprise” and I stood there dumbfounded! Soon we were off on a trip to “who knows where”. I don’t think anyone knew exactly where we were going…but someone suggested maybe Las Vegas. As it turned out…our destination was a quaint little restaurant on the other side of the river for a fiftieth birthday celebration. My kids had arrived earlier to decorate the room…hubby had made arrangements for the dinner…and we had us a party. The bus driver came and joined in…after all, fiftieth birthday celebrations are few and far between!

And when the party was over…it wasn’t really over…since we all got to ride that fancy bus together one more time. Reclining seats, overhead television screens, and spa was all a far cry from the buses of my past! Here’s what I know to be true…the journey can be as much fun as the destination. Hop on a bus with some friends and find out for yourself!

All this happened on January 19…just a few years ago (well, quite a few, actually!). Don’t you think I have the most creative husband? He decided that for my inauguration into ‘old-age’ I should go on my first senior’s bus trip. Although, it wasn’t really on my wish list of things to do…we had us a fun time! I’m still wondering how many cows he sold to pay for the evening…but he’s not telling.

It’s January 19 again…and I’m not planning on going on any bus rides today!

PS Another good reason to celebrate today...Jeremy is definitely on the mend. We are hoping he will be home from the hospital in short order!


  1. Praise God! It is wonderful to know that Jeremy is on the road to good health. Still keeping him on "the list" though!

    Happy Birthday. Judy! Yes, what a brilliant hubby you have...a creative thinker for certain. I wonder what he has in mind for this year.

  2. Happy Birthday Judy!!. . .
    and Praise God that Jermemy is on the mend.
    You do have a brilliant hubby .. .I love stories like this. . Whatever you do today, I hope your day is all you could hope for. . .

    I'll continue to pray for Jeremy. . .almost isn't quite good enough. . .keep us posted.

  3. Happy Birthday, Judy. What a creative-thinker you've got for a husband!
    I'm glad to hear that Jeremy is on the mend. As I drove through Surrey, Cloverdale and Langley, through the fog to Abbotsford last night I sang at the top of my lungs and dedicated the Be Not Afraid to Jeremy - my driving way of prayer. If not for the fog I'm sure that other drivers might have wondered about me!

  4. Happy Birthday Judy. I love reading about the fun relationship you have with Elmer. I am glad that Jeremy is on the mend.

  5. Hallelujah and praise God for answering the many prayers for Jeremy. May healing comtinue.

    Today we stop and say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JUDY. You are an amazing woman, SIL and blogger. My hubby worked for you one summer and said you fit the bill of a 'Wife of Noble Character' according to Proverbs 31:10-30 Please read it in the New Living Translation. We've followed your bog for a while and lots of stories give testimony to it, so I agree as well.

    Happy Birthday
    Blessings always,
    Love, Martha

  6. Happy Birthday Judy! Wow that must have been a good time riding that fancy bus with your friends..ha and not even a senior at that! (smile)
    And that sure is a praise item to have Jeremy on the mend. I'll keep praying..

  7. Happy Birthday Mom (and Grammy). We love you! Sorry we had to postpone the birthday celebration! We are very blessed to have such an amazing mom, and our kids couldn't have a better Grammy Beana!! Lots of love to you on your special day. Broni

  8. yey for jeremy!
    happy b-day judy....what a special guy to treat his special gal to such a don't look a day over 50.........

  9. Happy Birthday Judy!

    I stopped by this morning to see how he was doing. Here's for a great day and a year full of continued blessings.

  10. Happy Birthday, Judy! So, I seee you share the day with my daughter by love.

  11. Happy Birthday, I really enjoy your blog - great news your son is doing better, have been praying.

    God Bless Alma

  12. Happy Birthday Judy! Enjoy your day. What a great bus trip! Such a clever guy to plan that for you. Hope your day is filled with good things. Praying for Jeremy's continued recovery. Kathy

  13. That certainly sounds like a memorable bus trip and such a clever surprise from your husband.

    Happy Birthday to you and I'm so happy to hear that Jeremy is on the mend.


    I'm sure that "turning 5o bus ride surprise," will be one birthday you'll always remember!

    So glad to hear Jeremy is on the mend -Praise God! I'll keep praying.

    Happy Day and enjoy!

    Hugs, Pat

  15. Happy Birthday, Judy! And what a beautiful sunny day to enjoy it. Dairymary

  16. Happy Birthday Judy!
    Hope you got spoiled today!

  17. I'm sure Jeremy's improvement is your best birthday gift ever. Praise God It will be especially precious to have him home safe and sound.. There's no place like home! The best gifts are free! But of course it never hurts to have your husband spoil you every now and then and to surprise you to boot with such creativeness is even better!

  18. That sounds like one of the best trips ever...what a surprise.
    Well I hope you have a good day and I hope to catch up with you shortly and we'll go and have us a "High Tea at our favorite spot, "AppleDoorns"
    Let's find us a date....
    Happy Birthday Judy!

  19. Happy Birthday, Judy. I definitely think you need to hang on to that fellow of yours. He is a winner.

    And, I am so happy to read about Jeremy. I know that is the best birthday gift you could ever want. I'm still praying.

  20. Happy Birthday Judy...what a wonderful gift for Jeremy to be healing! God's grace is truly amazing!!!

  21. Happy Birthday Friend! Your surprise on the bus looked like so much fun! You do have a creative husband. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday. It's cold here so it must be really really cold at your house. Stay warm!

  22. Awww how fun was that??? Well "Happy Birthday" miss Judy!!! Sounds like your hubby is very creative, what a grand 50th!!! And I'm sure today and those that followed were just as fun!

    Good to here Jeremy is on the mend, thank you Lord...

  23. Happy Birthday Judy! I hope that your day was fabulous and that you are feeling a lot of happy "blessings heaped on ya"! and wishing you a wonderful next year to follow.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson