Friday, January 30, 2009

sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

Sign, sign everywhere a sign ....
Do this, don't do that...can't you read the sign?

So go the words to an old song. But truth be told...there are times that I can NOT read the sign...or I have no idea what it means.

I'm guessing this is where the chicken crosses the road.

And when I see these signs out in our neighbourhood... first thought is always to make a quick stop for the free eggs. But then I am reminded that it's the chickens that are free...not the eggs!

And so I do on occasion have trouble figuring out exactly what the signs are supposed to mean. But eventually I catch on!

For the past few days I have had yellow signs in my kitchen...ever since the grands came across the fields to visit a few days ago.

There is one on my fridge door...another on the pantry door...and a few more stuck here and there. I knew they were really I have not removed them...but I honestly did not know what they said. Each little yellow 'post-it' sign had the same message...

...and I finally have it figured out. I remember now that Spencer asked me how to spell 'you'...and I said Y-O-U. Therefore...she must have adding an S to that would then have YOUS (the word we normally spell USE). And so the sign means DO NOT USE IT! But I will plead the pantry and fridge are very hard to stay out of.

The sun showed up late yesterday afternoon... the fog rolled in to cover the neighbourhood. Sun and fog...a perfect ending to a winter's day!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. OH soo soo cute. .this is Readers Digest worthy. . .and so wise of you to document. .
    I immediately started having "the" song go around and around in my head.

  2. Hahahaha...that's so cute! Gotta love children's reasoning. Now, you must ask Spencer why she thought that you shouldn't yous guys shouldn't yous the refrigerator or the pantry. This should be good...

  3. Thanks for the morning smile, Judy! That was so sweet.
    Thank you, too (she says with tonge firmly in cheek) for implanting that song worm in my head!

  4. When this child's reasoning makes sense you realize again that English is such a crazy language!

  5. How sweet...I can tell you have a very special relationship with your grandchildren. So nice that they live close and can be a part of your daily life.

    Love the gorgeous sunset photo. You live in a beautiful area Judy. I really enjoy viewing your photos.

    Happy weekend back at ya!!

  6. Oh how precious!! I think I would yous them too, but I would never remove those sweet signs.

  7. This was fun - never seen a chicken sign like that. The sunset is wonderful.

    Took me a few minutes to figure out your first gadget pic. Got there in the end Judy.

    Thanks for your visit and comments.

  8. i am singing the song....
    love that picture...truly an

  9. The song and the signs make a lot of sense to me, especially at my age. But I do not understand the chicken sign either. Nice blog.

  10. Oh Judy I am always taken with those signs too. When I see the sign 'fresh eggs for sale' I think does anyone ever drive up and say I'd like some old eggs please?? Or when I see the sign 'slow children playing'..are you supposed to drive slow or are the children slow?? 'grin' Hubby shakes his head at me when I comment on these signs..
    The signs on your pantry and fridge are so cute! Keep them for the scrapbook!

  11. I love your signs - so adorable. I always got so much pleasure out of reading my grandson's interpretation of words. They grow up so fast.

  12. Cute sign! We have a turtle crossing sign in a neighbouring town. A girl my daughter's age noticed that there were lots of turtles crossing this section of road. She saw a need for a sign, approached council, raised money for purchasing and designing the sign and up it went. So proud of her for doing something about a cause she believed in. Your grandkids signs are precious!! Have a wonderful Sunday! Blessings, Heather

  13. LOL! Children are so sweet and innocent. Spencer probably wanted you to take a little break from working!

    I like the chicken crossing sign. I'll never see on like that here!


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