Monday, January 5, 2009

stepping into the new year...

For twenty-one consecutive days we have had snow on the ground...and with the weatherman indicating that 'this too shall end'...we got one more massive dump of snow last night. Although we are getting a little weary of all the is mighty pretty!

We had our last 'Christmas' dinner on Saturday evening...a full-blown sit-down meal of turkey and trimmings for 24 of us at my sister's place. It's always good to have all four generations together under one roof...and a chance to visit with nieces and nephews that we don't see too often. And the snow fell throughout the even felt like Christmas!

And after the dinner was cleared away...there was that thermos once again! Is Lisa now into after dinner specialty drinks as well? Come back tomorrow...and I'll tell you why that particular thermos and sippy cup keep showing up.

Because of heavy snowfalls, many events which had been scheduled before Christmas were cancelled. Our Christmas Eve service was one of those 'snowed-out' events...and I was so sorry to miss a program that the kids had spent a lot of time preparing. Well, all was not lost...we had our Christmas Eve service in church yesterday morning. And it was wonderful!

The children in their Christmas finery, sang their hearts out...while a video portrayal of the Christmas story was playing. It seems Bethlehem's stable on the big screen closely resembled the hay barn on our farm...and the shepherds sat around the same firepit where I have roasted wieners on may occasions. Pastor Ron reminded us that Christmas may be behind us...but the Presence of Christmas goes with us into the new year. This indescribable Gift is ours...let us not leave the Christ of Christmas behind as we go on with our lives.

We ended the service as we always do on Christmas Eve...we sang 'Silent Night' in a darkened candlelight. And when we were done, we sang it once more with no instruments...just hundreds of voices singing in harmony. And when the music ended there was a beautiful silence in that place...and we knew we had come to worship. We can celebrate Christmas any day of the year...and celebrate it well!

Today is a new day...and I am officially leaving 2008 behind and starting the new year! Robert Duncan's Simple Things 2009 calendar is up on the's back to school for the kids...and the Christmas decorations are coming down. After a whirlwind weekend of Christmas activities...I'm ready to move into the new year and whatever it may have in store for me.

Edited to add...
I guess the snow was
more than the school system could handle this morning! There is no school today...and maybe the Christmas decor should stay up one more day as well.

Enjoy the day...


  1. Way to step into the new year Judy!
    I know what the sippy cup holds but I'm waiting to hear why..

  2. Your post perfectly illustrates what I've long known...Christmas shows up at many times throughout the year...I have had that peace of Christmas more in the past three evenings by the tree than I had enjoyed before.

    I'm soooo glad that the children were still able to present their program. So who did the filming at your barn? LOL!

    The suspense that you've created around that cup and that thermos is ridiculous! WHAT could it BE? :D

  3. That was a wonderful service...I loved watching all those girls wear there pretty Christmas dresses.
    Did you say the kids are in School?
    I just had an email from my Teacher saying she'll be over soon to play some more Mexican Train.

  4. I can imagine that snow shoveling is getting a bit old for you, but your snow sure is beautiful to look at.

    You have peaked my curiousity about what is in the thermos. I will be back tomorrow.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Oh my there is so much snow in your area, Judy! I love the way it looks but I'm glad when we don't get that much. I like a little snow that comes and goes in a day --luckily that is all we've had so far this winter, but I know that may not last!

    I love Christmas Eve celebrations and we do something very similar with lighting candles right before midnight and singing Silent Night. Our priest then places baby Jesus in the manger and every child in church is allowed to come up and kiss the babe (the statue is life sized) Many children bring an envelope where they tell Jesus what good deeds they plan to do in the coming year. It's so beautiful!

    I am guessing that thermos belonged to someone who is missed, and is there in spirit? I'm looking forward to finding out the reason it is on every one's holiday table!

    Hugs, Pat

  6. Judy, such lovely pictures, I'm so glad you shared them with us! I loved sharing your Christmas and can't wait to hear more about the thermos and sippy cup!

  7. i guess having snow is a real big deal for you who live in bc because it is such a novelty..i am glad that you could enjoy it one more day.....nice that you could celebrate christmas one more time........only 360 til next christmas...;-), have you started shopping yet....grin

  8. i must add i do get a little chuckle at the interest in the sippy cup and must be a real mystery for those who are infamiliar with the tradition....i will like to see your version of it tomorrow! we love the tradition!

  9. Sorry to hear you've had more snow fall, but glad to hear the Christmas Eve program could finally be held. That acapella Silent Night sounds like a lovely idea.

    May you continue to find the beauty in the snow. Thanks for mentioning the Presence of Christmas staying around throughout the year....wonderful to ponder.

  10. Judy. . .thank you for the perfect description of your Christmas eve service. .. it sounded so beautiful. Ours was cancelled too and was not rescheduled and I missed it so much. The program sounded so lovely . ..and singing acapella .. oh bliss.
    I know about the thermos too .. but have never had its contents. . .

  11. HAaaaa oh Judy what a great post. Your snow is's gorgeous....and with your snow falling throughout your blog, it's perfect.

    Wow another Christmas fun to celebrate a week or two after Christmas....all my decorations came down yesterday, kinda sad, I like all the lights and glitz....

    Can't wait to find out about the thermos story....


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