Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow day fun

Yesterday's snow fell off and on all I left the confines of my office at hubby's bidding...and joined him on a run to town for this and that.

It was rather wet snow...but oh, so pretty as it stuck to every twig and pebble it touched. It seemed our route took us right past the airport coffee shop...and it happened to be lunchtime...and so we stopped by for a wee bite to eat.

As luck would have it...our favorite tables were available...

...but it seemed there was no service on the patio, so we found ourselves an inside table with a view.

It was a rather quiet day at the seemed no one was flying anywhere. Most planes weren't moving...

...and those that were needed a whole lot of help. We had a lovely lunch...and a nice visit with friends from 'back in the day' who just happened to be on a lunch date as well.

The airport cafe is famous for it's home baked pies...and folks fly in from afar just for a slice.

As for me...I'd fly in for the spinach salad!

With one last glance at those pies...(we'll save room next time)...we left to make our obligatory stops for farm supplies, tools, batteries...and hubby's new glasses. Things are looking much brighter now!

No sooner was I back home again...when I noticed I had guests coming across the fields for a visit.

Grammy's place was the final stop on their snow walk . I thought I'd meet them with the camera...

...but soon retreated inside of the patio door as the snow balls came flying.

Ryder got a little impatient...and hitched a ride for the final leg of the journey.

With snow clothes discarded at the back door...we fixed a quick afternoon snack in Grammy's test kitchen. Emme loves pumpkin loaf...but it actually takes a long while to bake. But, after learning from Jill yesterday that waffle irons can be used for baking all kinds of delicious treats (not just french toast)...we mixed up a quick batch of pumpkin spice muffins...and in minutes we had our pumpkin waffle off the press. Strange...but true...and actually quite yummy!

And that is how I spent my snow day! And here's the funny thing...exactly one year ago to the day, I also blogged my 'snow day fun'. My memory may not be that good...but I'll always have an alibi in the archives of 'My Front Porch'!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...


  1. Wow! That snowstorm traveled fast...ours is today. I really must get a weather map googled so I can tell what's going on.

    The visitors from across the fields always make me grin. After reading about your adventures with the waffle iron, I'm eager to find one.

    Oh, and did Elmer get new frames as well?

  2. We had snow here as well, yesterday. Slipped and slid into town, past cars in the ditch.
    Loved the story of your visitors and pumpkin spice waffles. I'll give that a try too - just the thing for little hands, I think.

  3. Judy..what a wonderful snow day..the best when spent with loved ones! And those pumpkin spice muffins in waffle shape..I love it!!

  4. Judy . .no kidding, your posts make me want to walk across the field for snacks and a visit. Your home is always so friendly and I'm sure I'd get a cup of coffee .. everytime.
    Love the pictures . . .all of them.

  5. Sounda like a great nice to have your grandchildren close by

  6. I admire your willpower for being able to pass up those lovely pies at the airport.

    I, too, adore your posts on the visitors from across the field. So cute.

  7. Forget the Pie, we're all coming for waffles. I know about the airport stop, it's a favorite for our little boys and they love to play in the bushes behind your favorite tables...
    What a picture of delight as I see your kids come across the back fields.

  8. I loved reading this, I could jsut picture the children running eagerly through the snow to see Grammy!
    Hope Jeremy is on the way to full recovery now.

  9. I am thankful that you discovered my blog because that means that I was able to visit yours. You do a beautiful job with the pictures and the stories. The snowstorm pictures make me wish that I lived there. I will be back often.

  10. The green booted baby carrier hiking through a snowfield would make a fabulous greeting card picture!

    And THANK YOU for being a test kitchen for pumpkin bread waffles. I absolutely love pumpkin bread, and am often frustrated that there isn't enough time to hang around for an hour while it bakes. Now just as soon as I get my waffle iron out of storage, I plan to use YOUR tip and mix up some pumpkin bread batter waffles too.

    (and how about banana nut bread batter, with banana ice cream or pudding and chocolate sauce on top for one fine fast dessert?)

  11. I always love it when you show those 'visitors' coming across the field. You are so blessed that they are so close. Your snow is beautiful. Those kiddies are going to have such wonderful memories at your house. It has such a cozy feeling and I'll bet those waffles are super good.

  12. Soooo pretty. It was fun checking out your post from last year too! My goodness such beauty where you live.

    Happy snow day!

  13. i love that you grands come by so often. you must make them feel so special that the keep showing up, it is so sweet.
    who wudda thunk it......muffin and loaf batter on a waffle iron, this is a must try. the waffle frech toast looks great!

  14. The Spinach Salad looks amazing...I will have to check that out one of these days. You are brilliant for thinking of the waffle muffins...I will definitely be trying those out as well. Anyway, it must be such a treat to have the grands so close by...such fun!

  15. Judy, I have so much fun every time you take me along on one of your outings.

    I love the idea with the waffle iron. You and your fun house would be a big hit with my grandson, too.

  16. Wonderful photos of your little guests coming across in the snow! I've made pumpkin pancakes and I'm sure pumpkin waffles are even more delicious! Time to take the waffle iron down from the closet and try some :-)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson