Monday, January 12, 2009

watching the world go by....

Sometimes it's just nice to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by for a spell!

These gals have it all figured out...they mostly just await the next meal...or their twice daily trip through the parlour. It's the life of leisure, really!

But for those who look after their every need...things sometimes get a little overwhelming! What with floods...and our faithful milker off last week with an injury...there was no way that the bosses would be getting any time off right about now. So Jeremy resorted to the extreme...and is in hospital with double pneumonia right now. He will be watching the world go by from the sidelines for a spell...unwillingly, I might add! And back at the ranch, we are scrambling to keep things going. Our injured worker is limping in to work today...while awaiting knee surgery. We will be treating her really well! Once again, I'm so thankful we are not off on vacation right about now.

In other news...Lellow (my daughter's baby boutique) celebrated it's 1st anniversary with a big party over the weekend. They have had a great first year, and wanted to thank their many faithful customers.

I popped by to check out the festivities...and found Maelyn quite content to be on the sidelines...watching the world go by. She loves going to work with's her kind of place!

We also made a Costco run over the weekend...Maelyn, Mommy & I. Truth be told, Maelyn had no idea where she was...

...since this is her idea of shopping! I'm sure she would feel the same way about Mommy's staff meeting this she is being sidelined to Grammy's house. We'll have us a little fun.

And if you think of it...I'd so appreciate your prayers on behalf of my son who's been sidelined for a spell...and is a very sick guy!


  1. Jeremy will be very much in my prayers. Poor guy! I bet you're all quite concerned. Sounds as if things have been quite the struggle of late. May this weather give way to sun and stat.

    Congrats to Lellow! I notice the sweet outfits that Maelyn and the others wear and the little crib is simply wonderful.

  2. I wondered who poor Jeremy-with-pneumonia might be and he is your son.......of course he'll be in my prayers. I hope that he comes out of hospital to some sunshine!
    I'm off to google the store to see if it's anywhere on my path when I'm working on the mainland - after all there is a new little one in the family and the big boy is only 15 months old. Wouldn't I like to look like a very trendy Nana with a gift with a more modern twist!

  3. Oh Loving Heavenly Father, I pray you watch over Jeremy. Lay your healing hand on him. May Jeremy and his family be aware your presence this day and in the days to come. Come in your power we pray. We ask this in Jesus name Amen.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Jeremy.
    The farm needs him more than anything. It reminds me of way back then...and I know this is not a picnic for anyone in your family.
    Sometimes it's not fun sitting on the sidelines.

  5. Oh Judy .. .we will be praying for a quick recovery for Jeremy. He must have pushed himself very hard in the wet and cold and as a farmer didn't stop because he didn't feel great. . .

    Congratulations to the first year anniversary of Lellow. . .and enjoy that day with your little Maelyn. . . what a sweetie.

  6. Why do they call it a parlor?
    Those cows do look like they are well cared for!
    I had not heard of the baby boutique and wondered at the name, does it have a meaning? My daughter said "lellow" for the color yellow when she began to talk.
    Hope Jermey gets well soon and that you can all get some rest soon.

  7. Oh my those cows..they bring back so many memories..most of them good. Guess I forgot how I hated chores as a teenager!
    Poor jeremy..he has my prayers as well as the rest of you who are 'plugging in' for him.
    I love the name Lellow and congratulations on the first anniversary!
    I love how Maelyn shops..just my style!

  8. Oh I do hope Jeremy recovers quickly! I've had plain ol' pneumonia and it's no fun! His is certainly in my prayers!

  9. I will keep Jeremy in my prayers. My son Jeremy had double pneumonia several years ago. He was pretty sick for a while but, thankfully, made a complete recovery.

    It looks like the weather in your area has been pretty extreme. I hope it all calms down soon.

    Little Maelyn looks adorable in that cute crib. Congratulations to your daughter.

  10. Wow you are having a hectic time! I will pray for Jeremy. Had a look at the photo's of Lellow, its a great place and certainly somewhere my daughters would love to pop in if we were nearby. My daughter in S Africa used the Bumbo seat and my daughter with twins of course had two...a great help to keep them both in one place!

  11. Yes...I'll be praying too. Sons who get sick just hate being down in the quilts for long.

  12. Prayers are going up...may relief and help come your way.

    By the way my daughter said she gets P.T. headbands on esty shops sometimes. Now I know why you asked. Congratulations to your daughter and her baby business Lellow :]

  13. I was going to ask, too, who Jeremy was....and learned from the comments that he is your son. Yes, prayers going up for him here, also......pneumonia is a serious matter.

    Maelyn is precious.....and what a lovely name she has. and I both posted photos of bovines with beady white eyes today! I like your row of pampered ladies.

  14. Oh dear! Pneumonia is serious business, and to be hospitalized is difficult. AND we know it is challenging on the farm when not just one, but two regular persons are decommissioned. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time...

  15. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your son is so ill. I'll keep him in my prayers. I remember when my daughter had the same, and it did take a while to get back to really good health afterwards.

  16. I will be praying for Jeremy and all of you on the farm. When it rains it pours (sorry for the pun but I couldn't resist).
    Congrats to Heidi on the success of the store. I really like the name Lellow too.

  17. Oh Judy! I am so sorry to hear your son is so ill! My daughter has been battling the flu for over a week and I have been absent from blogs because I've been going over to her place to help her. She's had high fevers and body aches, etc. I took her to the doctor for blood work yesterday. She tried to go to work today but came home after a half day still feeling poorly.

    I will pray for your son to get better soon!

    Congratulations to your daughter on her children's boutique! What a nice business to own! Maelyn is probably her best advertising.

    Hugs, Pat


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