Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pomegranates...and a pizza party

The pomegranate...which literally means 'an apple of many seeds'...has become a hugely popular fruit in recent years. Rich in nutrients...and proving to pack a powerful punch in fighting against heart disease and cancer...pomegranates are showing up in everything from smoothies to teas.

They are a unique and exotic fruit...with flavorful seeds that are tart, sweet and deliciously different. They are grown in sunny, arid climates...and most of those sold in North America come from California. They grow on attractive small trees that produce vibrant orange blooms in spring. The fruits are harvested in fall and are available from September through December...but can be refrigerated for up to two months!

When shopping, choose a pomegranate heavy for its size--it will have the juiciest seeds. The seeds glow like little jewels...but they also stain whatever they come in contact with! So getting the seeds out has always been a bit of a challenge...and somewhat of a deterrent to buying the fruit in the first place. When I saw a video featuring Martha Stewart's simple method of removing the seeds...I just had to see for myself.

It works mess, no stain! So I thought I'd share her secrets with all of you...and you could go out and buy a pomegranate or two while they are still on the produce shelves, and give it a try.

Martha's Method: Score the pomegranate into quarters...being sure to cut right through the skin. Carefully pry the fruit into four sections...turn each piece face down (skin side up) in the palm of your cupped hand.

Hold your hand over a bowl. Then take a wooden spoon and whack hard on the pomegranate repeatedly...and most every seed will fall right out. There's nothing to it!

They are great tossed into a salad...or just eaten by the spoonful for dessert. I quite like them!

Last night we left pomegranates at home...and went next door for a wee pizza party! Jeremy was home at long last...looking somewhat smaller than he did just ten days earlier when he began his battle with pneumonia. Three very thrilled children and a most relieved wife had a bit of a welcome home party for 'daddy'...and we joined them at the table. He will be 'on the mend' for some time yet...but things are definitely looking up. Thanks to all of you who came alongside in prayer.

Have a great day...


  1. oh I love Pomegranates. . .and thanks for the idea . . .another hint is to put all the seeds into water. . the pomegranate seeds stay at the bottom and the little bits of white float.
    Hooray for your party. .

  2. Great news about Jeremy coming home. Thanks for the tip on pomegranate seeds. I think they are an interesting addition to salads, but always dread getting the seeds out. I am going to give this method a try. Leave it to Martha to figure this one out.

    Your salad looks delicious.

  3. So that's how to get those seeds into a salad! Thanks for the lesson, Judy. I love pomegranates - in fact I smiled when I saw your title, because I'm drinking pomegranate and green tea in my room - delicious.
    Good news about your son - Alleluia!

  4. Yay for Jeremy being home...I can just imagine how delighted everyone is about that. I'm sure that the gals in his house are going to be wonderful nurses. Ryder can provide the comic relief.

    I think that I could enjoy pomegranates in a salad...must look for one.

  5. Great news that Jeremy is home, will continue to pray for complete healing!

  6. I've noticed that pomegranates are finding their way into everything . . . the new cranberries! I've bought a few lately and enjoy eating them but they do make a mess. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Praise God that Jeremy is home. Our prayers now will be that he rests sufficiently so that his energy can go into healing. That's always a difficult thing for these hard working young men!
    Thanks for the hint about pomegranates. Sounds alot easier than picking them out one by one as I've been doing!

  8. I love whacking maybe I will try that tonight for a new twist on salad and chicken.
    We are all so greatful for Jeremy's return. Hopefully he can recover without to much stress....

  9. So glad to hear the good news about Jeremy! The purple stains from promegranate juice are forever etched in my mind. When we were houseparents in S America our 13 children were given a half a pomegranate each for a snack which they ate sitting at the table. However, when a guest came to the door and distracted me it wasn't long before a squirting, seed-popping war broke out and there were blotches all over the wall and curtains when I returned. Good advice to extract the little fruity seeds ahead of time and serve with a salad or other fruit! (smile!)

  10. Hi Judy
    Such good news! That must have been the best pizza you ever had!

    My husband likes pomegranates but I'm not a fan because I don't like to eat the seeds. It feels wrong after always being told not to eat the seeds of apples or!

    Yes, I really can't type - i have to "hunt and peck" for every letter. I keep trying to learn but I lose patience and go back to the old way.

  11. Praise the Lord!!!

    We love pomegranates, too. And, we drink Pom every day.

  12. Thank the Lord that Jeremy is back home. I will continue to pray for him.

    Pomegranates are so unique I think. Neat post.

    You have been tagged. Drop on over. :D

  13. We just had pomegranates in a salad this week. Thanks for the new tip on getting at those tasty little seeds. So happy to hear that Jeremy is home. His little family must be so happy to have Daddy back home. Kathy

  14. so glad to hear Jeremy is ok, and recovering at home now! phew.

  15. mmm pomegranates. Thanks for the tip! I love marg's comment "I love whacking things!" hee hee


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