Friday, January 2, 2009

a boy and his toys

Despite a few little glitches...such as the cancellation of our polar bear swim...we had a most delightful birthday celebration for Ryder. As it turned out...he was a feeling a little under the weather...and momma bear thought swimming might not improve his situation. So we skipped our workout...and went straight for lunch (that's mostly what we've been doing for the past few weeks anyhow!).

They served up Ryder's favorite meal (that would be french fries)...

...and the rest of us all managed to find something we liked. And then it was on to dessert......and singing his favorite birthday song...

...and blowing out all three candles.

Opening gifts is such fun...especially with all those eager assistants. Never mind the playroom...Ryder made the entire restaurant into a playroom.

And Grandpa was tempted to get down on the floor and help drive those wonderful machines...and wished he would have had toys like this 'back in the day'!

Baby Maelyn came to the party with Daddy...Mommy was also having a sick day. Ryder was very thankful she came...and told her so.

When the birthday party was over...the birthday boy went home to play with his toys...and his sisters came for a pyjama party at Grammy's. And that was how we started off the new year!


  1. Awww, so sweet! Ryder looks so grown up. I bet Grandpa would have loved getting down on the restaurant floor to play. If he's a thing like me, the spirit's willing, but the knees are weak.

    Do you folks spend a lot of time fretting about French Fries being the #1 food choice? (We've been known to. ;D)

  2. Great way to start off the new year Judy..with family. Happy birthday boy for sure! Good memories!

  3. Ryder is just growing like a weed! It looks like he had a wonderful party! And who'd have thought his favorite meal is mine as well! LOL!

  4. A fun looking cake. Happy Birthday to Ryder.
    Liked the photos of your year, what a fun way to do it.
    Certainly toys today are a long way from the wooden engines and stuff made by Dads and Grandads.

  5. sweet. I'm having a snow day today...yikes. Glad Ryder still got his birthday party!

  6. That looks like it was a lot of fun! The cake is really cute - who can resist a monkey?

  7. Happy New Year Judy!
    The photos are so sweet!

  8. Ah Ryder looks so happy at his birthday party, and all his siblings and cousins look so excited. Look how bog Maelyn is already!

    It looks like the new year has begun with much happiness for you Judy! Enjoy!

  9. Oh he is a sweet little fellow! Happy Birthday Ryder. You really love into your families lives. Priceless gift! Kathy

  10. Aww, so sad that birthday boy was a little under the weather. . .I hope he's feeling fine now. . no doubt with the vitamin c that potatoes offer, he is in much better shape. Love the pictures. .


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