Friday, January 9, 2009

extreme farming!

If you aren't afraid of water...come join me on a tour of the neighbourhood!

It was still raining when we left for town yesterday and my chauffeur. We passed by our farm...and carried on down the road.

We may have had fences in days gone by, but now we share one big lake.

A few roads were closed...but ours was still good for trucks...and boats would have worked as well.

The largest dairy farm in our area was in the same boat as the rest of the neighbourhood...

...and the house next door had running water in abundance.

We were actually still on the road (you can see the white line through the water)......and approaching another farm that seems to be having it's challenges! Just beyond this farmhouse is a low-lying country school that was evacuated yesterday morning.

On our return trip...we passed more homes that were now islands in the endless lake.

One mile straight south of our place...

...we drove by this farm. The house and the shop...

...the barn and the dairy were all sitting in the lake. And here's the thing...the cows still need to be milked...and fed...and the trucks must get through. It's called extreme farming!

The rain had ended..the sun was setting in the west...

...and we returned to our lakeshore property...with it's familiar mountainview.

And at the end of the day...we gave thanks for all our blessings. Our pumps are still working...the power hasn't gone off...the water is not washing into any of our barns...and we know that 'this too will pass'!


  1. Ohh .. Judy ! I was amazed at the countryside turned lakeside yesterday ... I hadn't been out the last few days !!
    I hope the water finds somewhere to go soon !!
    Your house isn't in danger, is it?
    I'm praying for everyone's safety!

  2. It is a little shocking to see all of this water for miles and miles and know the challenges that are involved for farmers. I know that "my guys!" are exhausted with trying to keep everything going on the farm...haven't lost any chickens yet, but we surely will have a mess to clean up after.

  3. Oh Judy, it is amazing to see your pictures! I wanted to go for a drive yesterday to look, but we were too busy pumping water, and milking, etc. One employee hasn't been to work for days, looking after his own place, and another is sick. We have all seen lots of water before, but with ice on the ground, this time it can't get away. Water was creeping up our back steps early yesterday; The men made some sand dikes, and pumped the water back into the fields. By evening the house yard looked normal.

  4. I saw some of this on the news last night, but your photos make it even more immediate. I hope that the water starts to suside soon - it is so early for flooding.
    I'm glad to read that you are all keeping your heads above water.
    (sorry - couldn't resist, after all your real-estate agent lines extolling the watery properties!)

  5. It looks like trouble to me. What is the word on when this too shall pass? Keeping you all in prayer out there and thanking God for His protection.

  6. good grief, we'll be praying for all those affected.....

  7. Judy. . .how awful for all the farmers in your area. . .just such a mess to clean up . .keep us posted. . .we'll be thinking of you.

  8. horrible, the water makes real damage, we had a rainstorm a couple of years ago in my little hometown, the costs were huge!

    lots of hugs (really dry ones) from Sweden!!!

  9. Oh, my goodness gracious, Judy. So sorry to see the flooding in your area. If it isn't one thing, its another.....all that snow and now this. Take care, and I hope everyone comes through with as little damage as possible.

  10. Oh my goodness Judy...I just can't beleive what I'm seeing. Your lake in the front yard...we've been watching the news and knew Washington was flooded, we have friends in Olympia, Sheldon, and Lake Stevens up in the Seattle area, and we've heard about all the hwys and roads flooded and closed.

    BUT...I didn't realize you guys were in that same weather pattern. Is your home okay??? Your gorgeous home glad you have pumps to help keep the water away from the barns and house. I've never seen so much water!! :0

    God's protection over you and your neighbors...

  11. wow. I am speechless. I hope everyone is dealing ok.

  12. Ohhhh my!

    This looks awful, yet you have managed to capture such beautiful pictures.

    I pray your home and your farm stay safe. And strength for your hard working family.

    I do love your new header, it is beautiful. Keep us updated!

  13. I tried to find translation for swedish but it seems like they think it is too odd.

    how can they think that...we invented the nitroglycerine!!!


  14. I can't believe the water. I was looking at Pat B.'s pictures on facebook and it's unbelievable. I could recognize where fields use to be.


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