Thursday, January 8, 2009

water, water everywhere!

Things are rather grey over here...and wet...

...and we now have lakefront property. Three pumps are working hard to keep this lake from overtaking the house. We moved everything in our crawl space to higher ground last night...just to be safe.

After three weeks of record snowfalls...the heavy rains arrived to wash it all away.

By mid afternoon yesterday, the ditches had overflowed their banks and the fields had no beginning or end. We are now surrounded by one massive lake.

I went for a walk in the pouring rain...with my camera. It was just me and the ducks.

Thankfully, I have no travel plans, as many of the highways are closed due to mud slides...and avalanches...or road washouts. We live on the wet coast...and we know it!

Hopefully things will be much brighter over here tomorrow.

Enjoy the rain...


  1. We must both be early risers, as here I am, first to comment!
    We are also inundated on the Island, but we live on a hill, so it all just rolls off - and we have no crawl space. I've had reason, lately, to be glad for the new roof we put on in the summer!
    Your photos show the seriousness of the situation over on your side of the pond. I'll be over there in a couple of weeks, and I remember other winters when I worried about road closures, especially when travelling to Agassiz. The news from other parts of the provence is all about road closures and mud slides.
    I hope the waters recede, or at least that the rain stops soon.

  2. That is a lot of water Judy! Hope you can keep the water out of your house. Guess we should be happy that we keep our snow till spring..did I just say that??

  3. Oh my first I thot the white I saw on the lake were waves...silly me. Still snow a bit here and there. That is simply frightening. Please keep us updated so we know how your property is faring....Here in town....we are still struggling to get through the slushy snow just to leave the where for the snow to go when the rain pelts it...the drains are overflowing and so it 'ponds' on the road. My little Yaris is a trooper though and off we go....for a swim!

  4. Oh ugh! I've been reading about your nasty weather and just hoping that it wasn't affecting you, but I see that it has. May it all be a dim memory in just a few days. You all need some sunshine!

    Now, Judy, asking such a question! What did YOU think it was? Me too! LOL!

  5. HOw can the rain be so beautiful in your pictures? YOu really do have lake front property .. .it sounds like the worst of the rain is over. . .and so perhaps the moving the belongings from the crawl space was just a good form of excersise.. .you get to bring it all back down again.

  6. oh and your porch header picture is just gorgeous.

  7. Oh dear, that is not the kind of waterfront property you want, seeing water out of every window. We are praying for you, Jeremy and Broni that you do not sustain damages to your properties. I am sure doing chores is much more difficult as well.

    Our snow is melting in the Okanagan, but nice and slowly.(no rain)

    Judy, your a brave gal going for a walk, be careful of those sink holes like the ones we have heard on the news.

  8. Jeepers...I had read there was flooding...hope it slows down.

  9. I don't believe that you are singing in the rain. WOW, that's unbelievable...A few miles away, the water is draining off in the ditches the way it is supposed to, but obviously not everywhere.
    Hopefully there will be a let up in the weather.
    Do you want my canoe?

  10. If I remember correctly the barn was quite high but I suspect Jeremy and Broni's house is rather wet on the bottom floor! Sure hope all gets back to normal soon - plain old steady rain and drizzle will be a relief after the flooding subsides. Too bad you can't send us some of that water! Your fotos show it perfectly!

  11. Judy, I certainly hope the rains soon stop and the water levels get back to normal. It must be frightening watching the lake rise and get closer to your home.

    Praying you will remain safe and have no damage to your home.


  12. I hope all will be well your way, Judy! It looks so gray and watery.

    Hope the sun will shine again very soon!

  13. Your pictures really do show the look of the whole district. Between the water and the mud we are "knee -deep" in our area...& declared a "disaster" this afternoon. Who would have thought .... thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow. I don't think I have ever seen it like that before! Hope things don't get any worse for everyone down there in the valley.

  15. That is Very wet! We have had days of heavy frost and no rain, which for Brittany is quite a record.

  16. Oh my, Judy. I hope all of that water subsides without causing much damage for you.

    Now, on a more light note, I love your header picture.

  17. Wow! You do have a lot of water! I heard about someone that was drilling holes on their land so the water could seep into the ground. Good thing you farmers know what to do with pumps etc. At least it stopped raining now and I did see the sun a bit ago. All the best!


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